1980s,90s, 2000s: the Boiling Frog

child abuse

child abuse (Photo credit: Southworth Sailor)

1980s, 90s, 2000s: the Boiling Frog (publ. 10/26/2012)

The internet has changed business but enabled the public-at-large to see portions of it also.  In these decades, we can see criminal and inhumane patterns in expanding government that demand a response.


While sensitivity to these issues comes at a high price, i.e., it shakes the foundations of one’s soul — if yours is still functional — insensitivity equals buying into a non-conversation about this, which strands and isolates those involved in it.

If I am still relatively functional after what I personally went through (and  many others, similar, in the context of religious and family abuse in and after marriage, while still actually permitted to leave the home (but on a variety of leashes established over the years) — the children in the Franklin Coverup were some of them found in psychiatric hospitals; one was found dead one day after admittance, others have disappeared, others were charged with perjury when they refused to recant.  Approximately eight people involved in the investigation (at one count) died.

Abuse is a form of criminal behavior, and while it prospers and is set up under cover (in secret), by the time it starts coming out, if those who hear, do not respond, I assure you — it gets worse (like my posts do, when I start adding to them!)

Things are going to get worse if there is not a more intelligent response to some of these matters.  I cannot do this project alone, and am not an expert fundraiser; I have not lived a life of “attracting capital,” buyouts & mergers; but rather (to the extent possible, once the abuse began) of earning money by working — either employed or self-employed (having clients, etc.).

I do not have the most appropriate platform or website design (Yet) to tell these things — but they still need telling, by people who have understood them and their significance.
And moreover, I have spent so very many years already in survival/anticipation/ defense mode (still not completely free) that I cannot stomach it alone.  Many years have been lost in this struggle; one of the games of certain controlling types is to allow something to be started, then sabotage it afterwards — it is a show of power. The game is to dominate, by intimidation after only enough show of force to ensure compliance — that is the only game.
Maybe this country was never free; it was certainly built by slaves and with violence;  maybe the concept of freedom in human society is just a dream — a fantasy.  But without such concepts, we are not truly human.  If the wish for freedom exists — where does it come from, and why stamp it out, or stand by while others do?
So, there is a time and finances factor here. Please start to answer these questions and face this information.  Do you share and approve of the reigning value systems?
  • [1] Is Child Abuse & Trafficking Just about Money Laundering & Drugs
  • [2] Are both HUD & from what I can tell, HHS, into the above, i.e., were they, or large sectors of HHS at least, organized as giant slush funds?
  • [3] (How many mainline evangelical Christian leaders are involved in both of the above, including the Child Abuse? Don’t laugh; some were named in the Franklin coverup)

If ANY of these are so (it does appear so) why should we finance it voluntarily?  And how can we stop financing this — can we?  

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _

“Now I understand the process by which the rich get rich and the poor get exhausted*”


(*emphasis mine, quote C.A. Fitts; “the process” is also the link to quote).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 I wish us to understand THE PROCESS. Wthout understanding THE PROCESS of financial, value, and power-drain away from the local, and away from individuals, one cannot stand well against it.  To understand this is to acknowledge we — or our parents/grandparents, collectively — have participated in feeding this process — and our collective weight (we work!) is huge.

School Board acknowledging its CAFR (Jan 2012)  (“realitybloger@wordpress”) simply points out that gov’t entities, incl. school districts, do know about and must acknowledge (ratify or dismiss) CAFRs.  However no one likes to mention them to the public as they reveal the collected net worth of government, not just the yearly budget.  Assets are invested in things that spin off income (profits).  CAFRs show where its profits come from, go to, and special funds that could otherwise be used instead of tax hikes or service cuts, for the operation of government.  And then where would politics be?  We need to read these — after locating them, nationwide1  (This governmental system of reporting has been in place, as I understand it, since 1947.  “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand,” and this particular kingdom called “gov’t” DOES have vehicles of internal communications about what it does, or does not, actually have.  

I assure EVERYONE that the public-use database for HHS grants, ‘taggs.hhs.gov” was not designed with the intent that the public should be able to follow even that portion.  Why are not more people questioning why HHS has this much money to distribute to start with — when we’re simultaneously have a trillion$$ US debt, huh?  Or is it someone else’s job to answer that question — because it must be someone else’s money..although, whose labor did it come from, and whose purchases, which were taxed?.).


This process includes three components that I can see — and it’s up to those who have been contributing to and feeding ANY of these three, to seek and find ways to stop doing so.  It is not going to stop on its own. Moreover, to fail to acknowledge these, and fail to take some constructive action (or seek diligently how to, including to fact-check, and IF the facts check, publicize & talk about this.. these are matters of freedom and justice.  One cannot be free if one is not willing to pay close attention to “management”!)

If “the Franklin Coverup” or the knowledge that one is helping run drugs, launder money, and torture (literally) children, and that our elected legislators are not themselves clean enough personally (i.e., too many have vices they themselves can be blackmailed on; and this DOES include child abuse, child pornography, i.e. raping real kids, male and female, and forcing them to do this to each other — someone else’s stolen kids, kids from BoysTown, or from foster care — for entertainment, or for some perverse bonding rituals) will help shock or awaken more people into a Change of Heart on their Manner of Life (or at least into looking at the local CAFRs for your state, county, school district, public pension funds, various utility/enterprise districts, etc.) — then it was worth the vicarious trauma on MY part to blog it.

Because I have REAL KIDS who were overnight removed from me in the U.S.A. without valid cause, and without safe remedy on my part to protect them as a mother.  How’d YOU feel (incidentally — and this happens more than it seems, I have talked to children of such situations — the father of my children abandoned them shortly afterwards.  He didn’t want them — he wanted to punish me, and he wanted a win.  Others were roped into this with their motives.  There’s a gravitational pull attached to children — and there’s a gravitational pull attached to unmonitored huge amounts of cash — and when they intersect, it’s the kids that fare the worst.

So here are three factors.  I have to bring up the religious, because (in the USA, since at least GWBush was President) we are talking, apparently, nearly $100 billion in various grants to faith-based organizations or literally, churches.  i see NO solution to this entire problem (overall) unless enough individuals unite to stop feeding this system.

You MUST understand Capitalism and Money Laundering at a minimum.  And you must understand the “genius” (if perverted) of the creation of this income tax to make collection and monitoring easier.  To be an ETHICAL person doesn’t entail anymore, ignoring these issues.  IF YOU WORK A NORMAL JOB WITH TAXES WITHHELD YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THIS. IT IS A SYSTEM DESIGNED TO CENTRALIZE WEALTH ON THE (FALSE) PRESUMPTION THAT GOVERNMENT IS GOOD, AND CAN BE MADE GOOD.  THAT’S NOT REALISTIC!  GOVERNMENT IS A CORPORATION THAT PLAYS BY DIFFERENT RULES, WHILE MAKING THE RULES AS WELL. IT NEEDS A PUBLIC LEASH.  TO DO THIS, THE PUBLIC MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE APART FROM PROPAGANDA . . . . etc.

Three ways:

(A) people WILLINGLY handing over their wealth for the government (or, corporations, in the case of pensions for non-government work) to manage; that management steers it towards interests favorable towards itself for high returns.


(B) given that pooled wealth and historic power players (corporations/foundations influencing government and working in it) there is also a serious slush fund operation, black market, missing money, whatever you call it.  MONEY Laundering.   That’s a parallel system. In addition to the money-laundering parallel system I should mention (but am not dealing primarily with on THIS blog)

(C) the religious organizations that are deliberately setting up a parallel system of government, i.e., they’re just as fascist.

Under “C,” it may be helpful to understand, for starters, the influence of Paul Weyrich and some groups he apparently founded (It seems ALEC was one, Heritage Foundation, etc.) He died in 2008.  NYT article:

Paul M. Weyrich, the conservative thinker and strategist whose iron principles, articulate fervor and organization-building skills were instrumental in propelling the right wing of the Republican Party to power and prominence in the 1980s and ’90s, died Thursday. He was 66 and lived in Fairfax, Va.

[Helped found the Heritage Foundation]  He was widely credited with coining the phrase “moral majority” as a rallying label for social conservatives. It became the name of the religion-based political organization that was led by the Rev.Jerry Falwell.

A deacon in the ultra-conservative Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Mr. Weyrich openly fused his faith and his politics.

(This church split some — not completely– from Romans centuries ago. However since 1860, the Melkites were in “Diaspora” since a massacre in Lebanon, esp. Damascus; it began as peasants vs. feudal landlords, but quickly became Christian v. Muslim.  French backed Christians (mostly Catholic), Brit backed Muslim, and the Ottoman empire was in there as well.  It marked one of the first international humanitarian interventions (?).

For the record, massacres are still occuring in this area (28 Aug 2012, the Guardian UK, Mona Mahmood, Luke Harding)

Or see  bio of Joseph Raya (1916-2005), prominent Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop, also civil rights activist (incl. w. Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.) known for translating the liturgy into vernacular, for which he was excommunicated, but later recognized.  He was expelled from Egypt by King Farouk in 1948 for defending the rights of women, and came here (US) in 1949… He was kidnapped and beaten by Klansmen, and, “Defying the threat of excommunication issued by Roman Catholic Archbishop Thomas Toolen, Raya helped King and other civil rights demonstrators organize protests and marches throughout Alabama during the 1960s.[6][7]

Raya I see was a towering figure, and in the end, he resigned his Archbishopric —  Raya was opposed to the Melkite Holy Synod’s proposal to internationalize Jerusalem.[14] He also upset the Vatican with his aggressive campaign for the return of the Bir’im and Ikrit refugees and the sale of church land to impoverished Moslem farmers.[15] Raya’s letter of resignation declared that the Church hierarchy forced his decision to leave his post.[16]

. I am simply showing what religions do, while not amassing wealth; They massacre, they excommunicate their own for defending women [NB:  Jesus did this also], or standing up to the status quo, for translating scriptures into something intelligible, and in general, for being different. Notice, defending the rights of women got Raya expelled from Egypt! . .But evangelistic Christian groups are in outreach to Muslims, trying to turn them away from their monotheism, and maintaining mutual silence on abuse of women within either of their ranks.. . Back to Weyrich….his background says a lot about his politics.

…Mr. Weyrich also started the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, which raised money for conservative political candidates and focuses on vulnerable liberal incumbents; it later became the Free Congress Foundation…

Paul Weyrich fought tirelessly for three decades to protect the preborn, preserve traditional marriage and ensure that people of faith had a voice in shaping the public policy that affected their lives,” James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on Families, said in a statement on Thursday. “Had there been no Paul Weyrich, there would be no conservative movement as we know it.”

None of these have much concern about protecting women from their own membership, neither Dobson, nor the others… Both Falwell/his university, and the Heritage Foundation also have pretty clear links to the Unification Church which is an international and from what I can tell, also money-laundering cult; they are behind more of the “marriage movement” that it appears, which I found out ca. 2010, a little late in the game….

Richard A. Viguerie, the conservative direct-mail pioneer, said in a telephone interview that Mr. Weyrich was the least known of the four pillars of modern conservatism, the others being Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan

This should be read, it’s no joke:  “Transformation from Secular to Religious Government.”  Bush, Billions, etc.  I speak as a religious battered wife who has been told that it’s not “godly” for a single mother to make decisions regarding the children in her household (even after a court granted sole custody as the father had been a batterer).  Apparently my household and all I did was just like a body to such a mindset — there to be used, not to have a life of its own apart from the relationship.  This group is not trying to institute shari’a as the law of the land, but the Christian version of it.  One needs to understand the history of religion overall to “get” this.

Others are watching this well; from Theocracy Watch/Dominionism.”Paul Weyrich’s Teaching Manual,” quoting a “The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement” (Eric Heubeck) (strategy)

  • This essay is based on the belief that the truth of an idea is not the primary reason for its acceptance.
  • Our movement will be entirely destructive, and entirely constructive. We will not try to reform the existing institutions. We only intend to weaken them, and eventually destroy them. We will endeavor to knock our opponents off-balance and unsettle them at every opportunity. 
  • All of our constructive energies will be dedicated to the creation of our own institutions….
  • We will maintain a constant barrage of criticism against the Left. We will attack the very legitimacy of the Left. We will not give them a moment’s rest. We will endeavor to prove that the Left does not deserve to hold sway over the heart and mind of a single American.
  • We need more people with fire in the belly, and we need a message that attracts those kinds of people….We must reframe this struggle as a moral struggle, as a transcendent struggle, as a struggle between good and evil. And we must be prepared to explain why this is so. We must provide the evidence needed to prove this using images and simple terms….
  • (etc.)

In the other (PTSD) page, I talked about traumatic truths and experiences I, an adult, still can hardly talk about, let alone handle, and have had to restructure my life, not because of them, but in able to handle a future which isn’t constantly dealing with the same issue.  However for me NOT to talk about them is to remain alienated, or return to “pretending” as opposed to doing something about this situation.

What about kids, who went through worse?

I still have hope that a significant number of people are around (somewhere) who care about more than their own skins and their own lifetimes and who could comprehend if shown (as I now do) that their participation in this economic system — through their literal employment lives — is contributing to enabling serial and malicious child abuse (sometimes, murder) and wife-beating, causing homelessness, and helping take down the country itself through these social ills.

The work lives are contributing ECONOMICALLY in two manners.  By being “good” people and working — this is since 1913 — you are helping this country tax your work and collect in the Now through income taxes.  If in addition, you contribute to a pension plan of some sort, whether corporate or government — that pension plan also is a formidable pooled source of wealth that others are managing the profits from, and as well, contributing to some of the buy-outs and situations that sponsor child abuse and cover up domestic violence, and etc.  While stating they are doing the opposite.

Explained better here (about the pooled wealth, not the money-laundering, but it’s a clear explanation).

CAFR SCHOOL How Corporations are Funded by Taxpayers

The Problem With Pensioners

As a public pensioner, what would you do if I told you that, indirectly, you are responsible for most of the problems in the world, from hunger to depression to war?

What would you do if I told you that each one of you as pensioners are voluntarily invested in all of the corporations that are destroying our health, our prosperity, and our world?

What would you do if you found out that because of each one of you collectively, the worst of corporations are being funded with taxpayer money?

How would you feel if you were heavily responsible for the funding of globalization; for building up Mexico and China’s sweatshops and promoting imports to America – and for the loss of jobs in America – simply because you are not paying attention – or don’t know – or don’t care – about what your “retirement nest-egg” is investing in, as long as you’re taken care of in the end?

In other words, the taxpayers are unwittingly contributing to everything they complain about in the corporate world – to everything that is slowly killing their health and their spirit. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, banking, insurance, real estate, foreign currency, private equity funds, and everything else under the sun.

This blogger appears to be just an individual.  I find myself often referring to its posts, however, I like the thinking.  Apparently he ran across the CAFR idea, from Walter Burien, who discovered it, apparently ca. 1989 in NJ, when they were trying to raise income, but ended up having $89 billion in existing funds.  Burien and others started a group “HANJ” (Hands Across N.J.) & began reading the CAFRs aloud over the air. . . .can you spell “Special Funds”?  This is what we need to resume doing, literally a public information campaign to counter government-speak.  Anyhow. . .
In addition to the pooled wealth issue (returns on investments), there’s also the off-the-radar issue, i.e., money laundering.  I looked, and will get this link up, a 2011 CAFR for The United States of America.  Unbelievable — the second page or so was full of so many disclaimers; they basically said, we cannot make a determination if it complies with the law because of a lack of systems of control!   I’ll get to that – meanwhile, people are suffering intensely — because of pooled collective wealth minus accountability.

This is ONE above-board economic system for the “ethical” people who either believe they can’t resist, can’t not contribute, or don’t want to know about all this bad stuff — and ANOTHER parallel one which is OFF the record and basically (per Fitts, and it would seem) black-ops/narco-dollars, call them what you will.

And that is why you cannot really expect the police, the child support workers ,the judges, the courts, the legislators, or anyone else to seriously prosecute what society considers criminal.

I say this also from my perspective of the criminal individuals I happen to have been born into families with (my fault?) having simply outlasted people who actually had jobs to hold down, in keeping a court case open year after year, and the abuse ongoing, year after year.

As you can see, this is difficult to say.

So, below here, I will eventually get right down to posting the timeline (some of it) of this 1980s Franklin (Credit Union, Omaha, Nebraska) case and show its ugly face, in part.  . . . . I ran across this case (alas) because while coordinating and communicating with other mothers (noncustodial) about the federal grants, a woman from Nebraska asked me to look up her judge.  I’m pretty diligent about looking things up.

Guess what — his name came up as a player in this Franklin thing. That’s how I found out about the deal.    What we are talking here is a child prostitution ring that was used to blackmail legislators.  It goes up to the White House and there is alleged FBI coverup.  At least one foster care family sent their kids out for use in this; another woman had her son (as a newspaperboy) kidnapped; we are talking about essentially a “den of vipers,” the real thing.  what I went through, doesn’t compare, and it almost put me under, including initially underground.  It did destroy personal relationships, because I have to do one of two things — deal with the truth, or deal with people where they’re at, which is not ready to handle it.

Maybe this blog is something inbetween.  To contribute to the record, so the witness (meaning testimony) is not wiped out, as some people were.  See, I’m a mother also.  There was incest, diagnosed (medicated) mental illness and, eventually suicide, in my husband’s family line.  I don’t know if there was incest in my line, I think someone isn’t talking about why (she) is such a hater and so furious with me (perhaps for being younger, I have never figured it out). Her ability to hate, lie, and lack of a conscience (not that hard work wasn’t also involved) has led to an extremely profitable career — in government — and what I would call a lavish lifestyle.  And that’s only one sibling.

And there was incest in the household into which my kids went — and the courts  + police put them there.  In my household, there were things that make for a decent life with a scholarship towards college, and no criminal behavior by their mother.  For some reason, it was felt essential by my own family line that I not see my kids — ever, ideally.  And extraordinary measures were taken to intimidate me out of changing that status quo.  When I didn’t cater, another immediate relative was targeted.  THat (in part) is why I understand in caliber at least, how simply mean humans can be, and devious in the execution of it.  I also know that such people can look great on the outside and that many of the people that do not look so “together” on the outside (including not a few homeless) are just fine on the inside, and unlikely to do such things, or take the time to engineer this type of events.

But what about children who had to handle being trafficked, abused, threatened, forced to witness extreme violence; being used in child pornography films to better blackmail politicians, and/or help run drugs?   What about them, and their split persona — how do THEY get to talk about or report their experiences?  

For comparison — it’s unacceptable for adult women to tell the truth about domestic abuse in the home, because it would require the economic restructure of society — what about children?  And how does THEIR abuse function to grease the wheels of society, eh?

This is why I have to go for the ColdHardFacts version — because there is a reality called “vicarious trauma” and because society just cannot face the actual character of WHO it has allowed to run this place (i.e., I think I have a very good case for — a bunch of what you and I would call criminals: liars, thieves, kidnappers, extortionists, gangsters, and in short, the bottom of the lot at the top of the heap.  Hypocrites, they’d betray their mother, their wife (make that plural) and sell their kids and grandkids into slavery; some of them have committed crimes that subject them to blackmail and some HAVE literally done this.  So the outcast, marginalized, institutionalized, and dissociative (through too much abuse), drugged, etc. — is an expanding population.  They can’t be just “offed” — they have to be managed, and religion and the mental health profession help with this.  But before being entirely sidelined, or taken “off the grid” — like kids lost in the foster care system (Florida, 2000s for example), or single black mothers targeted to have their children stolen so they can be Risperdal’ed (Detroit, 2011), and so forth — they can be used to profit from, which (my other blog rather shows) — is what welfare reform of 1996 was REALLY about.

That, and setting up some slush funds.

The 1980s

In the 1980s — The Franklin Coverup/John DeCamp (attorney and former Nebraska Senator, reporting)  That’s the worst, probably.  It consists of horrible child abuse, basically a prostitution ring (this link particularly volatile material), for a multi-purpose business enterprise — but basically call it blackmailing, drug-running and money-laundering (to enable embezzlement, tax evasion etc.  And it wasn’t just a few children; they had access to a stable of kids…. Some of who were killed after being abused). The man who wrote this was a Viet Nam Vet, a Nebraska Legislator (and lawyer) and from what I can tell, he stood up for the child victims and witnesses of this mess.

To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up.”Second edition 1996 © 1992 AWT, Inc. ISBN: 0-9632158EC-0-9

Library of Congress Catalog Number: 92-070074


In the 1990s

In the 1990s early and thereafter, I’m going to highlight Catherine Anne Fitts, formerly working for a wall street brokerage firm, then FHA (near the top), then when she actually started saving them money through a software contract to reduce HUD losses, she was targeted for destruction.  So, in the late 80s & in the 90s, let me say HUD as a criminal enterprise and possibly set up in order to launder money.  She explains this very well and is a credible witness.

In the 2000s

In the 2000s — which is now — it’s an era of faith-based (among other kind) slush-funding through HHS.  We also had the 2008 bust, but from my point of study, which parallels and confirms the Fitts issues — Around 2010 (one year into it) I realized and concluded that the healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood policies were in place primarily for kickbacks and slush funds.  Connections were made in several (major) instances to some groups which had previously been HUD recipients.   All of this is NOT overseas — these things are and have been happening within the contiguous United States of America and are intrinsic to its government.

~ ~ ~

Let me get into it this way — not to convert anyone, but because without some sort of lens like this, well, I have to handle things which have more the characteristic of snakes, or rather a den of them.  I’ll see if I can synthesize the points at the end, if you can bear with this intro:

You know, there’s a phrase in Philippians 4 (yeah, that book) which reads:

4 Rejoice in the Lord alway and again I say Rejoice 5 Let your moderation be known unto all men The Lord is at hand 6 Be careful for nothing but in every thing by prayer andsupplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God 7 And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds __through Christ Jesus

8 Finally brethren whatsoever things are true. whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things 9 Those things which ye have both learned and received and heard and seen inme do and the God of peace shall be with you

Think on things of virtue, praise, beauty, of good report, etc. — and DO after Paul’s example (what they’ve learned, received, heard, and seen in him) — and “the God of peace shall be with you.”

And in another letter, Colossians 3, it says, focus on this hope of the return of Christ, get your head into that, and not wrapped up in the present:

The word for “affection” in Greek is “phroneo,” basically — thoughts, thinking. Not talking emotions, but head, literally….

The theme of this hope — really, of a righteous, or just world — is throughout the scripture as an exhortation to strength, endurance, and patience (etc.).

Here’s a place in Hebrews which says this was how Jesus endured, nearby it calls this hope the “anchor of the soul.”

and/or . . .   this is talking about the hope as an anchor of the soul; it essentially is talking about the resurrection…In somewhat flower (KJV) language, Hebrews 6, saying, look, God doesn’t lie….and he swore an oath of blessing to Abraham, actually an intensifying figure of speech (“blessing I will bless thee [eulogeo, as in “eulogize”], and multiplying I will multiply thee.”)  Abraham was at one point well to do, but childless…

13 For when God made promise to Abraham because he could swear by no greater he sware by himself 14 Saying Surely __ blessing I will bless thee and multiplying I will multiply thee 15 And “>so after he had patiently endured he obtained the promise 16 Formen verily swear by the greater and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife17 Wherein __ God willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel confirmed it by an oath 18 That by two immutable things inwhich it was impossible for God to lie we might have a strong consolation who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us 19 Which hope we have as an anchorof the soul both sure and stedfast and which entereth into that within the veil 20 Whitherthe forerunner is for us entered even Jesus made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec

OK, now I have to talk about some nasty, disturbing, and probably will shake-your-soul stuff IF you realize — as someone is going to have to sooner or later — that what we are doing, nationally, in our work (economic lives) is enabling this kind of behaviors.  That we live in a country where the “rule of law” is indeed a myth — and that ALL of the primary (virtual, etc.) relationships — except perhaps the ones with people you see, feel, touch, sleep, eat (have sex) and etc. — deal with (perhaps) — are based on a fiction and construction which is more than enabling this dichotomy.

And this is it:  we have  (as I did) “bought” — literally — into the concept of good guys/bad guys, and that there is really a middle ground of just regular ol’ decent working folks – still — and that the way for all to be fairly well is to be in general an ethical, peaceful, hardworking, God-luvin’ (if the shoe fits), wage-earning, upstanding community member.

_ _ _ _ This life is not gradeschool (the idealized version, I mean) with a good teacher up front and orderly children being rewarded for hard work and study in the middle.

Now, I don’t know if that reality existed ever, either (I was a good kid, according to that definition, and experienced public schools as pretty much year after years of dealing with cliques, bullying, etc., not exactly gangs like we have now, but still pretty mean-spirited stuff.  If you were different, you were picked on; and I was different in more ways than it would seem to be humanly possible, not to mention so bored (most of the way through) — the work wasn’t challenging, at all — I slept through, probably, most of high school and a good deal of what came before.  I woke up and was myself (luckier than some) in one or two classes, one of which later became my profession, and a good one.  Being female and smart, or athletic, in short, for me, being myself, was “bad;” some schools were divided into approximately three crowds. If I hadn’t found a certain niche, it probably would’ve been drugs.   I saw the same thing a solid generation later, in the same types of schools, for my own daughters. . . . .  I pretty much see schools– most of them — as for the purpose of personality alteration; genuine, and the more important, learning occurs elsewhere in slightly more natural habitats.  In my opinion.  The basic subject matter running through them simply doesn’t take that long to master, and a whole lot of it is also irrelevant.

But what about children who have to?  Someone has to face this material, or lose our grip on reality of a system which endorses, does, or kills to cover up this level of social sh*t.

Is Child Trafficking is about Money Laundering & Drugs

The Franklin Case Timeline  This is primarily the 1980s….

12-31-1968 – The Franklin Credit Union is established in Omaha, Nebraska.

8-1970 – Lawrence E. King Jr. becomes manager at The Franklin Credit Union.

7-1976 – Accountant Thomas Harvey, of the Franklin Credit Union, discovers the manipulation of the bank accounts. Harvey begins to manipulate the Franklin Credit Union books to cover for the missing money. By the end of 1976 $400,000 was missing from the Credit Union’s bank funds.

12-1980 – Paul Bonacci meets Lawrence King in Sarpy County, where he says they preformed satanic ritual abuse.

1981 – An anonymous letter was sent to the National Credit Union association detailing concerns about the Franklin Credit Union. A limited investigation took place; the investigation revealed approximately $400,000 was missing.

8-1981 – Paul Bonacci began going of town with Alan Baer, he would assist Baer in entrapping new children to be used by Baer and others.

1982 – Paul Bonacci was flown to California (Bohemian Grove) to participate in orgies.

9-1984 – Lawrence King gets an apartment for Troy Boner at 48th & Dodge, at the apartment King would abuse Boner.

9-1984 – Lawrence King takes Lisa Webb and 15-20 boys from Boys Town Omaha to Chicago for a sex party.

6-1988 – The Omaha Police Department receives a report from Kristin Hallberg of the Richard Young Psychiatric Hospital in Omaha regarding sexual abuse and homicide allegations involving Larry King. These allegations came as a response to reports from the Foster Care Review Board on Nelly Patterson*, and her sister Kendra.*

7-1988 -The Foster Care Review Board turns over all investigative information to Attorney General Robert Spire and the Omaha Police Department.

8-1988 – Lawrence King throws a lavish party in New Orleans, after a return appearance to the Republican GOP Convention to sing the National Anthem.

10-02-1988 – Lawrence King donates $18,000 of Franklin’s assets to the D.C. Board of Human Rights Camp Fund, a lobby for gay and lesbian rights.

11-04-1988 – The Franklin Credit Union is closed by the FBI and IRS. After the closing $37,000,000 in secret liabilities were discovered. Originally the Franklin Credit Union ledgers showed $2,600,000 in liabilities.

11-14-1988 – The NCUA files a lawsuit against Lawrence King, contending he diverted money from the credit union for his personal use. The NCUA suit claimed King had used the diverted funds to run his businesses and to pay interest and principal on unrecorded certificates of deposit.

11-18-1988 – The Nebraska Legislature passes a resolution to investigate improprieties at the Franklin Credit Union.

11-21-1988 – The Foster Care Review Board receives additional information from the Richard Young Hospital (Kristin Hallberg) including allegations of cult activities and sacrifices of small children, and sexual abuse.

2-19-1988 – Omaha TV news outlets mentioned they were investigating the sex and drugs angle of the Franklin Case. This marked the first time the media mentioned drugs in relation to Franklin matter.

12-25-1988 – The State Foster Care Review Board turns over their report of sexual abuse to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature.

1-10-1989 – The Franklin Committee is formed by LB-5.

5-19-1989 – A federal grand jury charges Lawrence E. King Jr. with 40 felony counts. His wife, Alice, was indicted on 12 charges. Three employees of Franklin who sold certificates of deposit on commission were indicted on income-tax-evasion charges.

5-23-1989 – Lawrence and Alice King plead not guilty.

6-13-1989 – Mrs. Harvey and her son, E. Thomas Harvey Jr., Franklin’s chief accountant, each pleaded guilty to one count of embezzling and one count of evading federal income taxes.

6-22-1989 – Omaha Police Officer Chris Carmean testifies in front of the Franklin Committee that the child abuse witnesses are credible.

7-1989 – Nicholas O’Hara of the FBI claims there are no credible witnesses for the Franklin Case.

7-1989 – The Franklin Committee reports that their intent of investigative action is to follow the money trail.

7-1989 – Ernie Chambers, James McFarland, Kirk Taylor, and Jerry Lowe resign from the Franklin Committee in light of the new angle the committee was to take by following the money trail.

8-21-1989 – Gary Caradori hired as Chief Investigator for the Legislature’s Franklin Committee.

11-25-1989 – Gary Caradori interviews victim Troy Boner at the Residence Inn.

(out of chrono order, re: Caradori):

  • 5-14-1990 – Gary Caradori takes videotaped statements from Paul Bonacci.
  • 7-11-1990 – Gary Caradori and his son, Andrew, are killed in a plane crash in Aurora Illinois.

12-27-1989 – The Franklin Committee gives copies of taped testimonies to the FBI, which subsequently was leaked to the media.

1-18-1990 – John DeCamp releases the “Franklin Memo,” which included the names of Harold Andersen, Lawrence King, Peter Citron, and Alan Baer.

1-30-1990 – Attorney General Robert Spire calls for a Grand Jury.

8-17-1990 – John DeCamp files a suit against the Douglas County Grand Jury.

11-07-1990 – Lawrence King is now called competent to stand trial.

1-4-1991 – John DeCamp’s suit against the Grand Jury is dismissed.

1-11-1991 – The Nebraska State Legislature refuses to continue the Franklin Committee’s investigation after losing important chairs on the committee.

2-1-1991 – John DeCamp files a Civil Rights suit on behalf of Paul Bonacci, against the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha, Lawrence King, Peter Citron, Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, Michael Hoch, Kenneth Bovasso, and other Nebraska persons and institutions.

2-11-1991 – Lawrence and Alice King enter a plea bargain to stay out of open court.

5-1992 – John DeCamp publishes The Franklin Cover-Up.

7-1-1993 – Alice King completes her prison sentence in Dallas, Texas.

7-5-1993 – Lawrence King had paid $25.00, and his wife Alice had paid $10.00, thus far, after agreeing to pay $41,800,000 in the plea bargain they had entered in 1991.

5-3-1994 – The Discovery Channel, was to air the Yorkshire documentary Conspiracy of Silence, about the Franklin cover-up, however, the documentary was pulled off the air at the last minute, and purchased by an unknown buyer.

2-14-1999 – Paul Bonacci wins a judgment of $1 million against Lawrence King, John DeCamp had represented Bonacci in his lawsuit against King.

11-1999 – Alisha Owen is denied a hearing to commute her sentence in order to set her free.

1-2000 – Lawrence King drops an appeal to the $1 million judgment against him.

4-10-2001 – Lawrence King is released from prison after serving less than 10 years of his 15-year sentence.

Spring-2003 – Troy Boner arrives at a New Mexico hospital; he was sedated upon admittance, the next day he was found dead in his hospital room.

Sources: The Mystery of the Carefully Crafted Hoax, by the Nebraska Leadership Conference. The Franklin Cover-Up, by John DeCamp. Multiple articles from the Omaha World Herald, which can be found at the FranklinCase resources page.

Perhaps a situation in which we collectively keep better track of money would lead to situations in which we keep better track of foster children.  I still wonder where all this cruelty comes from to start with, that foster care is such a huge industry in the country. . . .  what does that say about the country as a whole — someone else is our brother’s kids’ keeper?

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