Got Built-up Rhetoric? An Economic Mindset unclogs the Brain


Don’t forget to plan ahead for a way to haul the stuff away as well; it stinks!  And that stink can stifle the creative urge and sense of faith in the future, which can lead to a sense of alienation, something like maybe the “fall from grace.”  The sludge can be very discouraging, all out in the open there and demanding immediate conscientious action, including immediate revision of lifestyle to quit contributing to the mess.

In one of my previous blogs, Let’s Get Honest (“,”) it became clear that my simple “show me the money!” exercise primarily directed at the Health and Human Services (HHS) largesse system towards, well, people who just didn’t want welfare actually in the hands of the poor, but believed it should go instead to their managers, and lab assistants who described the extent, the impact, and the trouble that poverty truly is, and how to eradicate it. . . this exploration was clearly never going to hit the bottom.   For one,  there is LOT more than a family court system in that ocean.

I then tried a more organized layout in The Family Court Franchise System (being particularly proud of the chronological and alphabetical set of links).  However the narrative format and my insistence on show and tell (cut and paste) took too much time to write, not to mention, for others to read.

I do not know of any blogger or person who has stayed on this topic longer and harder, yet this is not the work for one person, and it requires better software and visuals to get the message across, especially in an increasingly fragmented, sectarian and even panicked times.


There is a task in front of us, and that’s to stop the depletion and sell-off of the United States of America’s assets resulting in slavery or genocide for most, and bare survival for some, with possibilities as horrible as eugenics, and masses of people (more than already are now) being used for breeding stock, as farm animals, for medical experimentation on new methods of control, and in general extinction of the most for the pleasure of the fewest.   Appeal to and use of Religion is involved in the scenario.

This is ALREADY happening, and I not only have experienced aspects of it, but documented it on the above blogs.  Segments of population carve off pieces of concern to them, sometimes being played against each other; i.e., over schooling, over religion, over the courts, over the uses of welfare, etc.

But what we need most — more of us — is to stop being in the PASSIVE seat as to mainstream media, educating our children into what’s really most important for them to learn (which skillsets) and in assuming that our taxes spent for public servants, regardless of how many personally wonderful public servants we might know or have interacted with — are being well-managed.  They AREN’T.

~ ~ ~

I’m a conceptual thinker (always have thought in terms of systems) with PTSD from (certain life experiences) who is attempting to use reason — a linear process involving logical relationships between facts, and elimination of false or irrelevant facts — to persuade most of America that, while it matters SOME who is our next President, it matters a lot MORE that we start treating the collective, pooled power of government and the profits from its investments — as, in actuality, inappropriate.  It is unlikely that collectively, individuals could make WORSE uses of this excess wealth than it is now, including coldly calculating how to expand it, hide it, and rationalize it.

Specifically I exhort most of us, including even those who have some accounting skills, to start thinking of our jobs and lives as a personal investment to be managed – by us — with a view to leveraging our time, maximizing our profits, watching our net worths regularly — and being alert to who’s been devaluing them and selling them off.  We have to start making better contracts individually and collectively.


This blog is publicizing a few primary TOOLS to “find the funds” and expose the collective (unreported) assets being held – in any state, county, municipality, or enterprise district — in the United States sufficient for you to understand, and accept that economic war has been waged (by elected “representatives”) against your futures, and that now is the time to stop something else and start understanding this.

Since I understood that government entities (1) are more than what we call traditional government and (2) there actually is a uniform reporting tool to look at the blueprints, which has a name, which comptrollers and legislators and politicians actually do know about — but intentionally DON’T talk about (after all, their essential function in life is fund-raising and justifying more of it) and this is called the CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), and a few more significant points based on significant work of others — I understood that there is a way the average person can understand the “game plan” based on documentation — not on allegations.

The Economic/Business Brain

But the economic brain can read and comprehend diagrams about where the power is flowing.  The economic brain pays attention to changes in system flow, trims losses, increases profits, and if possible eliminates the competition or bonds with them — and can identify AND name when others are doing this.

The economic brain, moreover, doesn’t beg — it strategizes, and while compassion, altruism and even ethics are handy, and can be VERY profitable (key phrases particularly using the words “children” “families” or “prevention” are great sellers) — it strategizes.  It cares enough (if this brain resides in someone with impassioned moral or ethical values) to accept that others exist who completely lack those ethics, and commits to understanding the workings, so as to be able to withstand them and balance the corporate and profit advantages of being completely amoral inside, and being able to fake giving a damn in public.

It can be found, seen, and expressed (and has been expressed) in a set of financial statements of cumulative net worth — of every governmental entity in the United States, from state level down to local — and all the special districts and enterprise authorities inbetween.

Moreover, the economic brain can read and understand financial statements, tax returns, and business plans.  Or even write up some.  It comprehends that value is not just exchanged in dollars (not to mention, that the dollar itself is a debt-note and very possibly at risk of no longer being the world’s reserve currency).   It understands short-term vs. long-term, net worth vs. cash flow, and in general thinks in terms of business.
The economic brain understands how much technology is needed at any given point in time to leverage its own time to guard accumulated wealth, or to accumulate more wealth — which is more independence.

At some point in time, the economic brain will admit that the tax system, and our system of having a for-profit // not-for-profit corporation status, was not for the benefit of the public, or the poor — it was just sold as such. It had an initiation not that long ago (like ca. 1913?), and many of the corporations whose wealth was made prior to 1913 are still influencing politics today, through their heirs or foundations set up by their heirs.  One that comes to my mind is “Battelle Memorial” in Columbus, Ohio.

The only son of a Steel magnate, being a Yale graduate, set up a will devoting half his estate to research and died unexpectedly at age 40; his mother, dying later, willed her estate to this as well.  Read about it!  If this man had not drawn up a will for a research institute, which became a nonprofit in 1925 — well, it deals with uranium, the nuclear industry, materials science, the UPC code, not to mention “xeography.”  Or, foundations of all sizes whose wealth came more from computer or internet (telecommunications, etc.) — such as the WAITT Family, whose initial wealth came (I believe) from Gateway, like to hang out with other wealthy foundations and imitate their values (whether progressive or conservative).  So they start institutes — as this one copied the “Family Violence Prevention Fund” in SF and joined in its “Coaching Boys into Men,” and “Violence Prevention” concepts, and flavor, whether or not it works, stops or prevents violence, etc.

If more people don’t start to get this type of thinking and utilize it, well — it will be the worse off for most of us.   And I’m re-thinking what does and does not constitute the “us” at this point.   What’s the interest level in the truth?

There is a voice of experience from, and within, people who have been seriously assaulted and abused which — if they would hear it — would tell them immediately how they were entrapped FIRST, and how they were kept in any relationship.    My mirror, and I also read countless court cases (dockets) in various states — was that this begins in the economic, usually.   Well, right now, we have economic warfare only because it’s less destructive of the landscape than real bombs, plagues, etc. — and we have a system for getting rid of dissidents as powerful as anywhere else.

I had seen the system (essentially) but didn’t have the technical savvy — or tools — to diagram it, particularly as the heart of this system is depends on something the average person doesn’t have — connections to the largest owner of infrastructure on the planet (i.e., the US Government) which shares motivations with many of the larger corporations or wealthy foundations in managing profiled sections of population through a pre-existing infrastructure called the courts + welfare system, and collecting funds through child support, income taxes, etc.  . . . .

One would think there is a bottom to the sludge of crap, greed, dishonesty and blatant, inherent, systemic cheating of what is otherwise known as the family courts (and related) systems of the USA.   Misleading statements — particularly the mantra, “Our Broken Courts” imply (as all good spin does —  implies without actually committing to a legally compromising lie) an initial Garden of Eden era in the system and naturally, have an ointment, a salve, and professional services, to sell, less than bandaids considering the scope of the issues!

While I did, at least, expose a lot of rhetoric, vocabulary inventions, and the basic business models, this knowledge alienated me from advocacy groups who, once momentum is established (some of which I’ve watched in action), do not appreciate other hands on the steering wheels or other navigation systems.

Anger, fright and indignation are high-octane fuels, but they are not a steering or guidance mechanism.  in the heat or fright of many moments, we tend to drive right by evidence and miss its significance.  Add to this groupthink, and the need for social approval from people who “understand,” and you’ve got a group of cattle – -in some modes — who can be herded or prodded one way or another, which they are.

In the Let’s Get Honest blog  I also looked at the organizations moving it here and there. There was a problem with overall nausea and dismay at the scope of the problem, and my inability to see where exposing it would persuade people invested in the same system to actually cooperate to pull the plug on the a system that was, in some cases, putting a roof over their family’s head.

But I was determined to find a practical way to live with this knowledge, and seek a way to live (fiscally) without feeding the beast, and this really IS a moral issue, and a collective survival issue. If I could not live in this country without condoning this level of criminal-racketeering posing as government, was there another place to live — or another way to live? And how does one get from here to there?

~ ~ ~

The blog also looked at the organizations moving it here and there, but it lost in popularity over time for a variety of design, premise and purpose flaws, i.e., it was complex, it had depth, I chose to “show” not just “tell.” Showing gets messy, particularly without a stylesheet.

I wrote as a mother, domestic violence survivor, and someone who’d never thought that certain things could happen in America — much less in cosmopolitan, urban areas — and how come on certain subjects, one can’t draw a partisan line, tell the atheists from the fundies, nor could either of them honestly acknowledge how MUCH of their taxes were being used to hurt innocent people right under their noses.

Where’s the Snake, where’s the Plumb Line, where are the Tools?

Actually, I myself didn’t have a good tool to compare taxes paid to funds slushed — because it’s a labyrinth (intentionally so) and without sufficient software — and access to good software systems takes good money. Basically, that blog sounded the alarm, and dredged up enough “stuff” to show any alert people that there’s a lot of sludge in the system, now matter how many beautiful websites are put up. And I didn’t (and still don’t) have the time to continue that work with the equivalent of a large tablespoon for a shovel — while the system is continuing to leak — or embankments continue to set up, depending on which analogy makes more sense.


  • over 480 posts at Let’s Get Honest, and
  • a few months on some comments field of an SFgate public forum on the family courts (early 2011),
  • almost a year on another (Fall 2011 to Spring 2012)
  • attending a conference to meet some of the people I’d been blogging alongside (and then parting ways as a result….)
  • and more than three years of seeing which branches of government (from executive office of the POTUS down to the local DA’s office, PLUS law offices, universities, county and state governments across the country, certain cities in Texas and — you tell me why, I never figured it out — France (like, Paris) were obviously watching my off-the-margin rants, charts, and complaints — but very good data (nevertheless)

I had to admit:  I’m nowhere near the bottom, and the deeper one looks, the clearer evidence that this much accumulated waste and dysfunction was not coincidence, it was planned engineering flaws.  And that there had to be better tools available to summarize the scope of material.

Major expense went into an infrastructure to prevent and distract the public from even having the vocabulary to think about where this is heading.   During all this time, my own, and many other people’s situations I knew and networked with, was drastically worsening in, even absent more court hearings.

Did I mention, I’m a mother, a domestic violence survivor (of many years) with religion used to “justify” this (after a certain point, it doesn’t matter whether or not you buy the justification, if there’s no safe exit without abandoning one’s kids), and thereafter, family court chaos + family of origin complicity. When your life is being, literally, flushed down the drain, you can see hands on the operations, and the same people’s (or groups’) mouths open, mouthing why this was “justified,” the focus tends to be on getting a foothold outside the drain, or some way to get certain entities’ hands OFF it.

Nevertheless, I wrote up many of them, and continued to copy & report on systems of multi-million-dollar slush fund grant systems and what drains some of the money went down. I also reported on how various industries have been spawned from the pool of federal grants available at some of the largest US AgenciesIt’s emotionally stupefying — possibly paralyzing — to talk about certain issues which destroy faith in human nature, or in our ability to collectively, police, govern, manage and restrain ourselves from killing each other off, either en masse, or slowly, by attrition and breeding stupidity and docility into some populations, while so provoking others to retaliate, they can be made “examples” of for those less irate.

I know I don’t. I also know that most people cannot stomach the experiential truths some have to tell them, either about their own lives in particular, or about where we’re heading in general, in the USA. The rock-bottom truth (i.e., what is the foundation of this “building” we’re in) is often too hard to handle.

Apparently, it’s much more soul-satisfying to keep working on the sand-castles, the decks of cards, and the crooked towers, than to go back to the drawing board. I know I’d rather be doing this, but after years in a violent marriage, years in the family court and three years (specifically) blogging and on-line-grouping the leadership of certain industries, I would believe just about anything about “how deep is this stuff?” and “how dumb ARE we?”

Who likes to talk about the depths of dishonesty, betrayal, strategic manipulation to do something morally (according to common ethics) wrong — and those who are, apparently, doing this nationwide, for profit, and with the purpose of global domination.


This is what our society does, when a problem is identified and labeled:

It sets up a nonprofit, a website, seeks funders, develops experts (if there are none), or quotes them (if there are) and throws money at it. Then those who receive the money travel around talking about it and seeking more money (recruiting membership dues, running seminars, or selling books).

This apparently is JUST FINE with the Federal Government. Those causes which it adopts then get their crusaders, and more money is thrown that way to calm the masses. A great example of this is the recent administration’s “Defending Childhood Initiative” or “Taskforce for Children Exposed to Violence.” Many children are exposed to violence surrounding divorce or custody matters — this is by now known, yet there isn’t a single person on the taskforce who is addressing or represents the issue of the family court system’s distortion of criminal law into behavioral science.

In another season, the problem might be “divorce.” So, what is the solution? An “emergency” is announced, and to address it — each time — it’s necessary to restructure government to get a faster response time and free up more funds to solve the problem. This is how the Governor of Oklahoma decided to handle that issue — by seizing a pool of money that had been set aside from TANF and “divert” it to programming supporting not the first, but the fourth purpose of welfare — encourage the formation of two-parent families. the rest is history — part of US history. As a result of this, that drain is still open, and money being poured down it — I mean “grants.”


see next post . .


One thought on “Got Built-up Rhetoric? An Economic Mindset unclogs the Brain

  1. Still getting the feel of this blog; for example, how do I change its subtitle from reading the wordpress boilerplate text….

    But, feel free to comment, although you can see I have a lot to say. No hate talk, and this blog is here not for you to sell your services. Other than that, we need talk about the great sucking sound of assets being sold off-shore, and so-called social services being re-routed to crony firms, etc.

    Again, the diagnostic tools will include “CAFRs” and a bit wider vocabulary than is found in the MSM when talking about the great USA debt. Of COURSE we have debt — look at the currency system! But the question is, why is government, collectively speaking (see “The Bentley 500”) collecting what used to belong to, like US — for example, real estate. why are we still feeding the beast income taxes? Too busy hauling two-tons blocks for the mausoleum (see pyramids)??? After it’s built, what then?

    I looked up the term “Financial Coup d’etat.” It’s now commonplace:
    2010 Amped (new link to me)

    or 2011, re “European Democracy and the FInancial Coups d’Etat,” segment below:

    What do we mean by “markets”? A grouping of investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and hedge funds that essentially buy and sell four types of assets: currency, stock, sovereign bonds, and derivatives.

    To grasp their colossal power it is enough to cite two figures: each year the real economy (the production of goods and services) generates worldwide an estimated 45 trillion euros -the gross domestic world product. At the same time, in the financial sphere, the “markets” move 3,450 trillion dollars in capital -seventy-six times the total production of the real economy.

    The result is that no national economy, however powerful (Italy, it should be remembered, is the eighth largest economy in the world) can resist an assault by the markets once they have decided to launch a coordinated attack, as they have been doing for over a year now against the countries insultingly referred to as PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain).

    Even worse, contrary to what might be expected, these “markets” are not exotic forces that swooped down from distant heights to assault our local economies. Rather, the majority of them are our own European banks (the same that EU countries agreed to bail out with our money in 2008). To put it another way, the problem is not a massive attack on the euro zone by US, Chinese, Japanese, or Arab finance.

    What is happening is essentially a war from within led by Europe’s own banks, insurance companies, speculative funds, pension funds, and financial establishments. These are the entities that manage Europeans’ money and hold the bulk of European sovereign debt [i]. And they are the ones that, in order to defend -in theory- the interests of their clients, are speculating and driving up the interest rates governments pay to borrow to the point that some -Ireland, Portugal, and Greece- have been driven to the verge of bankruptcy. As a result of this behavior, citizens of these countries have been forced to bear austerity measures and brutal adjustments imposed by European governments to soothe the vultures of the “markets” -meaning, their own banks.

    The latter, moreover, were able to easily obtain funds from the European Central Bank at 1.00 percent interest rates, which they lent in turn to countries like Spain and Italy for 6.5 percent. Then there is the vast and scandalous power of the ratings agencies (Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s) whose measure of a country’s creditworthiness determines the rate at which it can borrow at on the market [ii]. The lower the rating, the higher the cost

    or, as I first came to understand it (having already experienced a serious personal financial “coups d’etat” which others might call “family,” begun in marriage, continued in separation, a situation that outlived my children’s being children (minors) and two elderly parents. It’s still going on, and still devastating . . . . . . Life-sucking . . . . and downright plain old, mean.

    Catherine Austin Fitts, originally 2001, republished in 2009, and you should read it!’etat/

    y Catherine Austin Fitts

    In the fall of 2001 I attended a private investment conference in London to give a paper, The Myth of the Rule of Law or How the Money Works: The Destruction of Hamilton Securities Group.

    The presentation documented my experience with a Washington-Wall Street partnership that had:

    Engineered a fraudulent housing and debt bubble;
    Illegally shifted vast amounts of capital out of the U.S.;
    Used “privitization” as a form of piracy – a pretext to move government assets to private investors at below-market prices and then shift private liabilities back to government at no cost to the private liability holder.
    Other presenters at the conference included distinguished reporters covering privatization in Eastern Europe and Russia. As the portraits of British ancestors stared down upon us, we listened to story after story of global privatization throughout the 1990s in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

    Slowly, as the pieces fit together, we shared a horrifying epiphany: the banks, corporations and investors acting in each global region were the exact same players. They were a relatively small group that reappeared again and again in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia accompanied by the same well-known accounting firms and law firms.

    Clearly, there was a global financial coup d’etat underway.

    The magnitude of what was happening was overwhelming. In the 1990′s, millions of people in Russia had woken up to find their bank accounts and pension funds simply gone – eradicated by a falling currency or stolen by mobsters who laundered money back into big New York Fed member banks for reinvestment to fuel the debt bubble.

    Reports of politicians, government officials, academics, and intelligence agencies facilitating the racketeering and theft were compelling. One lawyer in Russia, living without electricity and growing food to prevent starvation, was quoted as saying, “We are being de-modernized.”

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