Pennsylvania: Illustration of Regionalization, and Government by Nonprofit.

The central theme of this blog is that as many people as possible need to:

  • Locate
  • Read
  • Comprehend
  • Organize to Talk to government about

The various CAFRs — Comprehensive Annual Financial Report — Its collected phenomenal wealth — and to do this for EVERY SINGLE government entity on the map.

The benefits of this are immense.  For one, we will have a far better idea of who is running the place, be less subject to extortion, and be better able to identify which politicians and legislators have been lying to us the most, or treating the population they result as children, unable to comprehend the noble, lofty stratosphere of population control and exploitation that these deal with.



Here are two examples on the state of Pennsylvania only (which was a demonstration state of “Models for Change”).  This affects the distribution of legal aid grants (i.e., flow or resources) by 9 districts within the state.  The history of this is interesting, and a good illustration of increased centralized control OUTSIDE the state of residence.  This also tells me why as a U.S. Resident, and the resident (generally speaking) of a certain state, I’d like to know what’s influencing its justice system, and/or restricting my access to justice, plus my kids.  This isn’t possible if the economics are not understood.



I may not have the time to understand it all (obviously), or the tools, but I do have the WILL to understand.  Perhaps this is contagious — I hope so.  I hope others will take courage and hope (FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, right? Part of this is from love, i.e., of the truth, and of others beyond one’s immediate life and lifetime)  and make a better effort with their own WILL to understand, increase their SKILLS to understand, by picking up some of the TOOLS to understand and using them until they stop sounding like a foreign language and weird technology.  This takes an investment of time, but not an outrageous investment of time once you get the hang of it.  Trust me, the learning&understanding curve picks up momentum once in motion…and it definitely helps to have more points of reference but also at least two (one is not enough), ideally three — systems of labeling/meaning to organize them.


Systems of language tied to mental imagery & experience lead to meaning.  For example, there’s the language of psychology, law, economics/business, etc. To understand something, it’s necessary to create a BRIDGE from one system of meaning (say, economics) to ANOTHER (say, the COURT systems or Justice).  That’s called “Synthesis,” or translation.


SKILL increases with USE.  Tools help.  But one always has to work with one’s UNDERSTANDING (which is mental imagery in how things work).  If a person is not willing to work their mind – the greatest tool around — by exercising it some, then I can’t help. . . .  and such a person cannot be a good citizen.  We need our minds to understand and have some influence (vs. be passive) on our own future. It may be the last free zone you enter, the free exercise of your own mind! (barring how many drugs or pollutants, and/or how much indoctrination is flying around in it!  I.e., bloodstream and thought content count, RIGHT?)

With that in mind, ILLUSTRATION of REGIONALISM & TWO NONPROFITS operating in ONE STATE.  TEACHING POINT:  You CANNOT just look at the Federal/State/County/Local system as the branches of government.  Government includes a lot more, and is best understood as a system of collection and distribution of:  Money, and with this, Power.  In this system, lack of accountability or understanding where it goes, is dangerous to individuals, and attracts criminal influence.


Criminals by definition seek secrecy and centralized control to their networks.


Moral, upright (etc.) citizens and ethical (live, work, raise kids maybe, socialize, don’t beat the wife, kick the dog, or sleep with your neighbor’s wife (or husband), and let live, I want to raise my family, help my neighborhood) people seek the exact opposite.  Their minds don’t run to schemes to lie, steal, cheat and get wealthy while someone else gets poor. Their lifestyle may involve dealing with some people in services — but they do not need slaves, or want a country sustained by slave labor.

They don’t want rule by criminals, despots, etc.  But who can afford the time — or has the power — to restrain the criminal elements?*

(*Either in government itself, or in those organizing in a similar manner to counter the government, but basically think and act the same (how can I lie, steal, cheat, and control others, etc — including spin the truth.  I believe it begins with the lie, and the intent behind the lie is to steal.  Period).


If the Criminal + Live & Let Live Ethical in the same territory = The Criminal ALWAYS Wins because the Ethical are too busy, too stressed, and too poor to organize, strategize and resist.  And because they didn’t wake up fast enough.  Their fences were already down. Their heads were somewhere else.

And quite honestly, because the then-ethical handed over the power to lead to this crew, and bought into the concept that the leadership was basically honest, even when ongoing evidence is, it hasn’t been for a very, very, very long time.  This concept then — that those in authority got there by merit and are basically honest, handling difficult and complicated financial/legal transactions we mere mortals can’t navigate — so leave them alone, and hope they leave us alone — has bred passivity rather than vigilance — into us.  Me, too.  I was raised this way…   Just be good, work hard, carry your own weight, etc.

And because they don’t have the stomach (understandable) to “get” how the criminal element thinks and operates, including what they really do to people to stay in power.

So what we now have is not the CRIMINAL and ETHICAL living in the same territory.  What we have instead is the CRIMINAL and the PASSIVE/CO-DEPENDENT ON THE CRIMINAL living in the same territory.

Then when people are born (and it seems such people ALWAYS keep getting born, maybe it’s genetic and the gene pool hasn’t been “purified” yet) who just notice too much, and lack the social understanding to keep their mouths shut about what their eyes just saw and minds realized was just “wrong” (or at least, a discrepancy between talk and action) — these people are viewed by the PASSIVE CO-DEPENDENT ON THE CRIMINAL (and I have been there, am trying to switch tracks, obviously) as the problem, which the CRIMINAL is all to happy to call them.

HENCE, the TAILOR-MADE POOR are relabeled “low-income people” and studied, experimented upon, and social programs inflicted (for the Ethical Middle to support, and the Criminal wealthy — obviously not all the wealthy, but they do exist, even kicks in a percentage for good publicity) basically for the middle-class working to support — IF THE MIDDLE CLASS WORKING CORRECTLY LABELED THIS, THEY’D LOOK FOR SOMEWHERE ELSE TO WORK, OR TO CHANGE THE SCENARIO.  BUT — PRETTY MUCH THEY CAN’T SCALE-DOWN OR JUMP TRACKS MIDSTREAM (TOO MUCH INVESTED).

This is really a philosophical question to answer.  I do not have the answers, but I DO see where things are going (alas) and either more people have to do something about this, or I have to find a place or way to live where more people are alert to it.

PLAN stands or Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network:  Initially legal aid for the poor (ca. 1973) had been funded simply from the Dept. of Welfare, but funneled through an UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION called a “Center.” These do not handle criminal cases….  Their HISTORY page shows clearly that at first it was through this Center, but a FEDERAL “Legal Services Center” (which I believe is ALSO a (federally-funded, at least) NONPROFIT corporation, and there have been some partisan fights over this one’s transparency and accountability…) which funded a TRAINING center (LCC) — seems parallel to the TA&T (Technical Assistance and Training) sites we see nowadays.

The LCC didn’t pay the Center.  But in 1994 LCC (training only) & the CENTER (funding for pro bono help to the Pennsylvania Poor) blended into PLS (Pennsylvania Legal Services).  In short, increased federalized control — although the Legal Services Corporation was itself still (and is now) a nonprofit:

Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network

However, a different group, the Pennsylvania Economy League splits it up this way, I guess:


They explain that some of their business is by Divisions, but other portions are statewide.  The same goes for government financing, which is my point here.  These are just examples:


PEL consists of four divisions.

  1. The Central PA Division Office in Wilkes-Barre serves 40 counties in the central and eastern parts of our state;
  2. The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia office in Philadelphia covers the five counties in southeastern Pennsylvania;
  3. The Southwestern PA office in Pittsburgh has responsibility for 10 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania;
  4. In addition to these three geographic divisions, the State Organization focuses on statewide issues and assists state government decision makers.

Both PLAN (LEGAL AID, low-cost, pro bono) and PEL (ECONOMY) are nonprofits doing business with and affecting government, from what I can tell. They are certainly affecting local and individual non-organized (unincorporated) citizen’s economic, housing, work, etc. options:

  • “PEL’s program is financed by memberships from individuals, businesses, associations, institutions, and foundations and also by revenue from research services contracted by civic organizations and governmental bodies. PEL is chartered under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code as an educational and research organization, and financial support of PEL is tax deductible.”
    • Corporately, it’s a 501(c)3 — which supposedly is a group doing commerce in a specific state (or District of Columbia) subject to income tax rules — BUT its Board of Directors consist of at least two Public Employees, a Judge (Chester Harhut, the same guy whose Lackawanna County courthouse the FBI raided in 2011, seizing records, resulting in a whitewashed report from the state-level Administrative branch of the courts, and I don’t know what else, since….), a State Representative, Welfare Rights reps, and looks like plenty of lawyers — understandable, its business is providing legal aid…
    • It gets funding from different sources, and I DNR the chains at this point, but they go to a national-level group in D.C., plus directly from the state.  So, when we think of finances, it’s pretty (darned) important to have a concept of the CONDUITS through which they move, which includes Corporations, Agencies (of government) and Individuals.
    • I find it simplest to visualize (mentally) as water. It flows!  Some is absorbed into the pipes, some has additives, some pipes have inlets and outlets before it hits the main destination.  these are not naturally occurring pipes — these pipes occur (or should) by LEGISLATION.
    • Unlike water, the money doesn’t come from Precipitation, or the water table, but those analogies may not be bad ones to think about in this regard.



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