What It’s About …

This page is liable to change.  However, by the time it has, your bottom line probably just moved — downward.

This blog is ABOUT how to expose, protest, and if possible but the brakes on money-laundering through government to the extent that we are headed straight towards a one-world government (with a religion attached), and soon.

I will point to and post as many “CAFRs” as possible and would like to see if anyone (in addition to me) is willing to counter the information from a link you’ll see up here (in a moment) from a site out of Skokie, Illinois called “Institute for Truth in Accounting” talking about the collective United States Debt.

I won’t come out and say, “Repent and be baptized…” (for one, i did that already) — but I will say, wake up and get a change of attitude.

We need to cut the crap, carve out some personal time, and start looking at the accumulation of assets (and the sell-off of those assets) by groups asserting this is good fiscal policy.

If you are possibly part of that We (or of a curious nature, and able to work at something which doesn’t produce an immediate paycheck or gratification, other than as learning truth does) — then this blog will probably help you.

The debating and conversation will probably not take place here (although comments fields are enabled) — but it should be a point of reference for others to take, circulate, and demand some answers for.  Primarily also, it’s for a little consciousness raising.

People who keep the discussion to emotional, psychological, spiritual, “affect,” or even “out-come based” (so-called) anecdotal information — like statistics — cannot get to enough basic truths (let’s say, universal truths) simply — what good are they doing, in life?

Sure, all those things exist — we have emotions, we have “souls” and I happen to believe in the existence of what are commonly called spiritual matters.  I have seen too much good and too much evil, and too much lukewarm to moderately hot when it comes to addressing evil, to fail to believe in the spiritual realm.  I say this having a pretty good appreciation of the language and history of the scriptures (including canonization of the books), the impact of religion on history and so forth.  I like things that are well-constructed, and don’t like when they are hacked to pieces for ulterior motives.

The beauty of science, math, and logic is that (for the most part) it has very good coherence and rules.  At least, they are a far cry from the above categories.

Let us connect the dots — this is talking about cash flow, and accumulation of assets — through learning to look at what has been done with them.

And the vehicle on which government reports its earnings to government has a name.  it’s called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  I spent three years tracking grants and corporations, and working with an obviously deceitful/corrupt database constructed to tell the American public (in their free time, right?) where a large federal agency was putting its largesse (that means, “grants.”)

The internet was developed as a military technology and to free up people’s time who actually had some plans for its use.  One of those plans was obtaining a LOT of data on MOST people with a view to the endgame of perfectly managing them (for profit) as, literally, human resources.

The other goal was to so decentralize information from the ground-level up, that it was almost impossible for individuals, and even a few well-connected and very committed individuals to figure out where the cash was flowing.

KEEP IN MIND (you know this, right?) that a US$$ is legal tender for debt.  It’s not bona fide money.  It’s only as good as the faith and credit of the United States of America.  So, who owns the USA anyhow?

And suppose the owners want to call in the debt, rather than just profiting from it — for any reason:  start another war, populate another planet, or they simply want it.   What are the checks and balances?

(I can’t keep writing posts this long much longer — I like to eat, too!)

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