About, Intent, FYI

Should this “About” page be…

About the Blogger (me, til further notice),

About the Blog as change agent, or just

About to Change ?

I opted for three “about” Intro pages (so far) distinguished by background colors.. I also have three functional blogs (and a few inactive) representing three main strands of ongoing concern.

Maybe” a three-fold cord is not easily broken,” but I find after originally splitting off blogs simply for a filing system, because all in one piece, they are absolutely indigestible — both in quantity and psychological impact.  So there’s an attempt to compartmentalize.

However, I end up simply just writing continuously on whichever blog I land on that day.  Apparently, I “braid” the issues.   If someone wishes to follow my train of through, all three are important.  However, hopefully each strand is valuable in itself.

I an investigating and researching issues with a view to changing the status quo on what I’m investigating.  Not alone — but making the contribution in the areas of most concern and research.

The subject matter isn’t pleasant, and it isn’t good news.  In essence, I’ll just flat out call out this prophecy — if more people don’t wake up, they will wake up drugged up, boxed in, or put under.  Or, if their bodies are not, their consciences will have been.  This is “Cold Hard Fact$,” right? So that last character is what this blog has to talk about and in the $$ language (plus other currencies) not the language of affect, impact, outcome or in the language of “It just ain’t fair!!”

About Me:

I am a very lucky survivor of some very bad things in and after marriage including but not limited to physical injury, threats, stalking, fighting for years in the family courts to get the children alienated and away, and finally certain individuals having done this, there still is not peace.  So far I have not been able to break the dynamic momentum of this “cycle of abuse” (a good phrase) nearly so much as that abuse has been able to break any periodic dynamic momentum in separating from the individuals most responsible for it.

This has some pros and cons.  In this situation, if there is a “down” time it is usually of intdeterminate duration, during which one either recuperates (but can never fully relax) or frantically tries to regroup, rebuild, and get something else up to speed in ever shorter and shorter timeframes.  The PRO of this is developing that skillset.  The CON of that that this is never going to involve traditional work, which is based on the concept of continuity, stability (something impossible in certain situations) and that over time one’s financial position continually degrades — frustrating, to say the least, as it’s that position which is eventually going to lead to the best form of protection called an Exit Strategy…

In other words, a foreshortened sense of the future, and having to balance one’s own natural desire to succeed in business, work, and other matters (hey, it’s empowering!) with the reality that doing this in the arena of seriously dysfunctional family relationships (extended) AND seriously dysfunctional justice systems, USA — means that even minor success means change, shifts the power dynamics, and  per se is like putting a target.  On one’s back.

My situation was definitely not the worst around, just very very enduring.  I am still in touch with others at various stages of their (nightmares), but cannot make these individuals a primary association or moral support group for a few personal reasons:

#1.  These groups function to attract predators from above, below, and among so-called advocacy groups.  and hence it’s not a good place to hang out, even on-line.

#2.  Vicarious trauma.  There’s only so much exposure one can handle. And

#3.  Many of them are still hoping we have a viable justice system to which they can appeal – or which if they cry and protest loud enough, someone (else) will fix.  This is partly culturally encouraged for women.

But we don’t have anything close to a viable justice system.

However, if those who know that best will get their bearings, they are the ones to speak (and not their elected spokesmodel groups, and the language of those groups) to the issues.  Which requires shutting up about one’s own story — and everyone else’s who’s been hurt by it, quitting the habit of choosing a poster-child case and instead, telling the story of how we got to this point, and where we are now.

And getting an education from off-the-spokesmodel groups’ conference agenda.  . . . . I did.  And anyone who has the will to, can.  But you must be able to stand alone for a while, because it’s counter-intuitive to acknowledge the reality.

My situation has been an extremely long-term situation (over two decades for me) and seriously interfered with self-sustaining work and independence.  I have only one major physical injury (involving the teeth) but have had to fight to regain health and have what’s called a disability, and definitely is my reality — it’s called post-traumatic stress “disorder.”  And every single year, as things escalated, I remember noticing and believing that it can’t go further south.  I was wrong every single time and saw the hope of what I would consider a viable life in ANY field or ANY socially connected situation, disappearing over the horizon while tangling with what I can only call, vipers.

The battle I was in was marital and family, not military — but it appears to work in similar ways.  You have too many close calls with death, and startle, think, relate, and react differently.  You also trust differently and it’s quite possible are alert to things that others miss.

I am still not 100% out (nor are all my immediate relatives) of a certain situation, so I can’t be more personal than this until I am.  Meanwhile, let’s get about some changes to allowing this to happen IN — that’s IN IN IN — the United States, and as a matter of daily operations.

However, labeling systems do better in compartments. Sorry!

Currently I have (about) three strands of blogging going, roughly speaking, here:

  • Preamble Ramble (election year update Oct. ’12) from Family Court Matters blog, which is about three years old (so far)  Who/what screwed it up (from client point of view), when how, and what NOt to do about it, starting with calling it “broken,” which it ain’t.
  • That blog has had over 100,000 hits, which must be the subject matter because I know it’s not the design, and I’m not a SEO expert.
  • I also know by the IP of who’s been watching it (i.e., which levels of govt in which states, law firms, etc. up to the Exec Office of the White House) its content, and the extent to which I’ve developed that content — is pretty unique.
  • That blog also is affected by PTSD; I am reporting but by reporting witnessing, which is part of a healing process from severe abuse, and that’s all I want to say about it at the moment.
    • My attempt to clean up and organize that blog’s contents, plus more explorations on the history of psychology, available at “The Family Court Franchise
  • JesusLordChrist was my attempt to reclaim some of my spirituality and personal appreciation of the Bible (per se), after having had to be rough, tough, sarcastic, and honest about religion, which historically has been killing off people who translate, act on, preach (accurately), or believe the scriptures.  Dealing with this topic is a fascinating door into history no matter where you open it from — and not one to be ignored.  (It’s election year…).
  • And this blog, “COLD, HARD.FACT$” I started specifically to — with a clean slate (hopefully) warehouse a diagram of the nationwide “CAFRs” by state, and subsidiary government corporations (government basically IS a corporation at this point) — for people who are willing to talk about these matters.

This is where you, dear reader, come in.  I hope & trust!  It’s not a one-woman (yes, I’m a woman) operation!

The facts are, our economic system depends on people not getting the integrated truth into a comprehensible system and drawing a LOGICAL conclusion from it — which conclusion (I assert) is that this place run by what most of us would call criminals, and extremely bright and dedicated and well-capitalized ones.

And that it doesn’t whirr and hum without a slave force and an under-the-table economy.  ALSO, that it’s headed somewhere. Did I mention, a priesthood?

Probably I’d hoped that if people who figure out who I am don’t read all three of them, at the end of the day, I might actually have some connections to people in my prior life who have been friends and supportive.  But as someone who had to do a lot of survival-based dissociation (or shutting down reactions) during a (very bad) marriage, it’s important to integrate.

But — telling the truths and asking for a change of heart and action usually gets around to offending people, sometimes completely, utterly, and without malice.  Just by calling things what they are.


  • Someone has to deal with evangelists and other sects who, based on seriously strange beliefs about previous incarnations (and the afterlife) who still want to rule This life (and planet) from within HHS and riding the tidal wave of faith-based grants and marriage promotion curricula.
  • Someone also has to point out that women who won’t marry and stay married (even if premature death and ongoing injury from abuse is on the immediate horizon) shouldn’t have to give up their kids for adoption, or to their abusers, and should be allowed to preach, if they’re so foolish as to want to in the same venues that covered up their abuse and are taking fatherhood funding.
  • That said, almost anything more ridiculous — and historically, dangerous, awful — than what is already being preached in the name of Jesus or God (isn’t Jesus God, what’s the diff?) would be hard to find.

I do tend to take on completely unreasonable projects that can’t be done in one lifetime and are obviously impossible.  To date, I’ve already completed some of them — starting with (after completing college) giving birth to healthy children in a battering relationship based (allegedly) on spiritual reasons, but enforced with entirely physical, economic, and etc.  reasons just in case I didn’t buy the “reason,” which I didn’t.

I have continued to assert my right to be an “I” and not simply a functionary of either this abusive guy’s idea of “family” or “marriage” — or my own family’s concept of who I used to be before any of us turned 18 as the functional paradigm for middle age, and following.

Before, during AND after marriage, I was competent in more than one field of work (my primary one was attacked relentlessly before, during and after and right now is in hibernation til it’s safe to re-appear.  FYI, it was legal, self-referring, led to financial self-sufficiency, it made a positive contribution to the community and put me and what’s more important (while they lived there) our kids, around lots of good people.

That appears to be precisely why it was targeted for elimination.  Watching (and resisting) this over a number of years, and learning (where possible) to anticipate and deflect the next “move” has, I believe, made people like me a valuable asset to this country’s future — because we KNOW where it has to change.  We understand the basic business model.  We know that, as in religion, as in abusive marriages, so in the economy — it takes two to tango:  the legal element, but the real profit is in the illegal element.

The quandary is, when the illegal element IS the courts, law enforcement, and built into the economic system through the tax codes (tax status, etc.)  When this leads to whole-scale removal of children from good homes –and putting them into REALLy bad homes and/or institutions — and then roping the rest of the country into paying for this — Houston, we have a problem.

So, people like me, speak with a lisp, it’s called PTSD and over-writing.  I have had to distance myself from groups I know to be cult-like in exploiting the traumatized while appealing to their emotions (and need to tell their stories to someone who will listen).

I hope putting up the CAFRs will help cut down on some of this.  Vote for someone, and afterwards (and before) get and read your CAFRs, and while you’re at it, insist that welfare reform’s marriage and fatherhood funding (plus the access/visitation grants) be shut down with the next run.  

Not because it’s unfair to mothers and not because it’s unfair to fathers (either way) but because they are being run and expanded by criminals – by people who don’t adhere to the law, and are some of them members of either a New Age style, or a Fundamentalist (or Catholic,/Mormon/Unification) style cult.  And as such, they have three and ONLY three things they are really about:

1.  Soliciting funding and expanding the network.

2.  Recruiting membership to do the same.

3.  Sex with minors, men, women, your wife, your husband, each other — anything to bond the group together.  And there’s nothing like participating in criminal activity, plus illicit sex, to bond a group together: Hey, if this works in marriage, imagine the group dynamic.

3a. No, I’m not a prude, I’m not recommending celibacy (HECK no!); I’m not a voyeur — I read.  Oh yeah, and I know about clergy abuse, don’t ask how.

~ ~ ~ ~If this is OK for you, complete with a one-world government and one panel of religious judges (trust me, they can lay aside religious differences in conference for the sake of world-wide control, and from there, ALMOST control the heretics — see the first few councils of the Christian (so-called) church, the crusades, and the Inquisition.  You want an effective police force controlling the psyches of thousands, that doesn’t always have to take up arms to get a job done?  Go find a prominent and popular religious leader.

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pitsak, a Medieval Armenian scribe and miniaturist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More, on other pages.  Work in progress, you know…

between this line and the next are images suggested (based on web content) which seem related to this subject matter. I’m not real good with manipulating and positioning graphics, so they are all at the bottom here!


mappa_blog (Photo credit: francescopozzi)

Statue, Three Servicemen, Vietnam Veterans Mem...

Statue, Three Servicemen, Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family And Juvenile Court

Family And Juvenile Court (Photo credit: xcode)

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United St...

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United States Library of Congress, demonstrating printed pages as a storage medium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An overview of online marketing. A simple grap...

An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President of the European Council, Herman Van ...


πρωτοτοκος (Photo credit: n.stauffer)

Two Internet hosts connected via two routers a...

Two Internet hosts connected via two routers and the corresponding layers used at each hop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

French Braid

French Braid (Photo credit: mrsdkrebs)

The standard 3-strand braid corresponds to the...

The standard 3-strand braid corresponds to the Borromean rings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Inverted French Braid. Deutsch: Zopf....

English: Inverted French Braid. Deutsch: Zopf. Polski: Warkocz francuski. Svenska: Halvvägs inbakad fläta. Русский: Коса. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Churches That Abuse

Churches That Abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ghent Altarpiece C - God - Jesus

Ghent Altarpiece C – God – Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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