Nothing Complicated Here: Want to See Real Change? Read, and Enact This!

Sometimes I don’t know why I work so hard to look things up and assemble/report them, when simply reading through every page of is an excellent foundation of common sense, except how UNcommon it is.

Do you want a Balance of Power between individuals and the government’s collective power base?

Do you have a clue what is that differential?  Or a clue how much government (and in how many forms) actually exists throughout the United States (specifically)…?

What’s the size of it? After decades if not looking and not having been told where to look (CAFRs) while the CAFR went from “gross” to “net” reporting after people began talking about “CAFRs”…While the USA GAO, that’s who audits th USA’s collective wealth and budgets (including “Statements of Social Security Insurance”) declares, literally IT can’t even “issue an opinion,” although the same outfit seems quite certain trillion $$ public debts, and the media (internationally) is also talking about “fiscal cliffs” — not Collective Assets.

Do you know what’s the status, generally speaking?


A.  The USA is THE world’s largest owner of asset infrastructure, when compared with other governments AND corporations, per “Bentley 500.”  How’d it manage to buy all those assets while we are barely able to afford a home to live in AND get our kids to college, or to a decent profession?

B. Yet if politicians (including Governors) and media are to be believed, somehow it’s also broke, and the public had better tighten the public’s belts. Again. Who knows what we will be expected to bail out next time around. The banks? The parks? The school systems?

Reading Challenge:  

I dare you to start consistently reading from Walter Burien‘s site and just a few others addressing major economic and governmental wealth-shifting, particularly Clint Richardson’s reality blogger talking about economic matters (if this is a new way of thinking to you), and be sure to make it through Catherine Austin Fitts’ explanation of “The Myth of the Rule of Law” and “Narco-Dollars” which is a rational and first-hand (in many aspects) account of the off the radar and on the radar money flow works (“The Economics of Production: Sam and Dave unload Boatloads of White Agricultural Substances” [[If that visual format is too distracting, try the same article but minus some introductory material, here]]  Talk about some honest questions (after comparing Slim Percentage for Honest Hard-working, Sugar-Selling Sam, with BIG profit Margin for Drug-Dealing Dave,…)

It’s also going to be a multiple of Sam’s margin, right? Maybe it will be 20 percent or 30 percent or more? Let’s call it B for Big, or BIG PERCENTAGE. Dave the drug man has a much bigger “cash profit per boat” than Sam the sugar man. Part of that is, of course, once Dave has set up his money laundering schemes, even after a 4-10 percent take for the money laundering fees, it’s fair to say his tax rate of 0 percent is lower than Sam’s tax rate. While it is expensive to set up all the many schemes Dave might use to launder his money, once you do it you can save a lot avoiding some or all of the IRS’s take.

Now we can common-myth pretend this isn’t happening, or we can common-sense come to terms with it, and then (corollary) ask some legitimate questions about, who — most likely — is in political power, now??  And what are politicians likely to do, given how they came to their elected or appointed positions?  Favor the down-and-out more than their corporate sponsors recommend, and without strings attached, due to the goodness of their hearts and love of the American way (and the rule of law….)??

The article then asks:

Look at your estimate of Sam and Dave’s sales and profits. Now answer for yourself the following questions.

Who is going to get laid more, Sam or Dave?

Who is going to be more popular with the local bankers, Sam or Dave?

Who is going to have a bigger stock market portfolio with a large investment house, Sam or Dave?

Who is going to donate more money to political campaigns, Sam or Dave?

Whose wife is going to be bigger in the local charities, Sam or Dave’s?

Whose companies will have more prestigous law firms on retainer, Sam or Dave’s?

Who is going to buy the other’s company first, Sam or Dave? Is Dave the drug man going to buy Sam the sugar man’s company, or is Sam the sugar man going to buy Dave the drug man’s company?

When they want to buy the other’s company, will the bankers, lawyers and investment houses and politicians back Sam the sugar man or Dave the drug man?

Whose son or grandson has a better chance of getting into Harvard or getting a job offer at Goldman Sachs, Sam or Dave’s?

Hmm.  Interesting how many programs are coming out of Harvard (Including Harvard-Kennedy School of Government, or whatever it’s called.  I do have a post on it, herein  Feeding, Fueling and Vaccinating the world …  etc.)

Now I’ll be honest.  what I’m really leading up to is a single post by Walter Burien.  He’s not bringing up racketeering in the sense of drug profits, or anything that dramatic.  However he DOES show how the government conslidates its wealth and then systematically conceals how much it is.  While because government, once in place, tends to make the rules (or let its private corporations make the rules by consent, which it has been doing) — then even when something may not be precisely “illegal,” it’s inherently dishonest, unfair and shows strategizing to centralize wealth, while continuing to tax the public who don’t know about the extent of wealth. So, in SOME respect, if you considered instead of Dave the Drug-Dealer, let’s say you called it “George the Government” (apart from the fact that our government IS, and dramatically so, dealing in both legal and illegal drugs, plus unsafe and illegal uses of legal (FDA-approved) drugs to assault the vulnerable and probably control dissidents) — the proportionate DIFFERENCE IN CONTROL, WEALTH, AND ACCUMULATED CAPITAL // ASSETS is going to increase every year this continues.  if Dave stays in business, Sam is going to get slimmer.

In fact, indications are pretty clear that it’s BOTH “Dave and George” doing their Drug, Arms, and Social Engineering businesses in competition with the Sams (and Suzies) of this world. (Mena, Arkansas keeps coming up.  Mena 1,  Mena 2  ((Snow Job: The CIA, Cocaine, and Bill Clinton))

How the CIA laundered millions in drug profits from Mena and paid for Clinton’s 1992 election John Dee

In part one of this article, we examined a CIA-supervised cocaine smuggling operation based during the ’80s in Mena, Arkansas. We also detailed evidence of then-Governor Clinton’s role in supressing evidence, mishandling federal funds, even blocking a congressional level investigation into the affair. While Clinton’s at-least tacit role in the Mena cover-up continues to this day (he has yet to authorize any investigation into the charges), behind the scenes are highly secretive, quasi-independent elements within the US intelligence community who are handling the actual machinery. In a high level deal between the National Security Council and the Medellin cartel, millions of dollars were paid to Felix Rodriguez, the CIA’s commander at El Salvador’s Ilopango Air Base, and others (including Manuel Noriega) in exchange for access to the CIA pipeline for Medellin cocaine.

In this conclusion, we examine the secret network which laundered the Mena drug money. We also find that these same covert bankers, with close ties to BCCI, financed Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. [It should be noted that since the publication of part one, this writer has learned that Buddy Young was appointed by Pres. Clinton to head the Dallas Regional Office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Young was Governor Clinton’s chief of security, and the man who framed Terry Reed for trying to quit the Mena operation. FEMA, of course, is the agency empowered to sieze control of the country in the event of martial law.]


There is one estimate that Barry Seal ran as much as $100 million worth of cocaine a month–$1.2 billion a year–through the Mena airbase.

Former Mena pilot Terry Reed has testified that large sums of money were being laundered through leading Arkansas banks and bond brokers (a pattern of investment also being examined by a federal investigator just as his researches were abruptly terminated).[1] For a period, he says, satchels containing $10 million in laundered cash were airdropped weekly at the airfield. These funds did not include other secret bank arrangements.
CBS News correspondant Bill Plante has said that there is trail of “tens of millions of dollars in cocaine profits [from Mena], and we don’t know where it leads. It is a trail that has been blocked by the National Security Council.”[2]
But despite the efforts of the NSC, there actually is a pretty good indication of where the money went (beside’s the Secret Team’s pockets). Money from CIA drug smuggling operations is known to have been laundered through BCCI, a massive transnational mega-bank set up and run to launder “covert funds” for intelligence and criminal clients.[3]
Coincidentally, BCCI has extremely deep roots in Arkansas. In fact, President Clinton has ties with some of BCCI’s top shareholders. Most of the money for Clinton’s 1992 campaign came from these people. They are the same people who were also raking in fortunes through companies which were supplying the Mena operation. In plain words, President Clinton was elected with money from CIA guns-and-drugs operations.

Wow;  “BCCI” stands for “Bank of Commerce and Credit International,” aka “Bank of Crooks and Criminals, Inc.”  This is an entire post on it, from “surrendering Islam” (whoever that post is). I recommend it be read.  Now. I’m including this segment because it talks about how BCCI got an American branch.

Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Kamal Adham, director of Saudi intelligence between 1963 and 79, brother-in-law of King Faisal and the CIA’s key liaison in the Arab world during the 1980’s, secretly acted as BCCI nominees in a hostile take-over of Washington D.C.’s largest bank, Financial General Bankshares, that soon became First American Bankshares.

From BCCI’s initial attempts to acquire First American, in 1978, until his forced resignation in 1991, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, from his position as the top official at the bank, was one of the central figures in BCCI’s acquisitions and management of American banks. Clark Clifford, who had been Washington’s preeminent attorney, was referred to by the Financial Times as “the ultimate insider”. It was precisely his reputation and connections that led the Arab front men for BCCI to seek Clifford’s help in acquiring an American bank.

BCCI’s First American was set up in the U.S. with the assistance of Jackson Stephens, of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Stephens Group, a multibillion-dollar empire of companies, which is operated by Jackson Stephens and his family, dominates the Arkansas economy, where they own a large part of more than a dozen banks, the most exclusive hotel in Little Rock, and the building that houses Bill Clinton’s Arkansas office. Stephens is named in the court records as having brought Saudi billionaire Ghaith Pharaon, of BCCI, together with Stephens’ close friend Bert Lance, who had been a cabinet official under President Jimmy Carter. However, Stephens, and Lance, like Clark Clifford, all maintain they did not know the group of investors headed by Pharaon were actually fronting for BCCI.

(Note: I’m simply posting the references, haven’t explored them that much. So we can just not think about it, or put it on the back burner (mentally), or possibly put it in a “pending” slot in figuring out what’s going on, governmentally and how much of this we would like to be participating in…. by subscribing to the National Myth of the Rule of Law etc.)

Now, allow these operations to grow and consolidate nicely for a few decades.  What does that spell? — Good news?   

Not hardly.  that’s why – if you want some real change, really read and think about this stuff, especially the last quote on the page, which is an entire post with an alternate suggestion from, AKA Mr. Burien:

The search phrase “The Myth of the Rule of Law” of course brings many results.  However, the important point is to understand — it’s a myth!

Here’s an article (co. 1995) originally from the Wisconsin Law Review.  However its author now (it seems) is Associate Professor at McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. Segments. First he talks about how easily people accept Double-Think:


Copyright 1995 by The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
Reprinted by permission of the Wisconsin Law Review
Originally published in 1995 Wisconsin Law Review 199 (1995)


Stop! Before reading this Article, please take the following quiz.  (It’s there.  Go ahead!)

In his novel 1984, George Orwell created a nightmare vision of the future in which an all-powerful Party exerts totalitarian control over society by forcing the citizens to master the technique of “doublethink,” which requires them “to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancel[] out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them.” (3)  . . . Not only is it possible for people to believe both halves of a contradiction, it is something they do every day with no apparent difficulty.

Consider, for example, people’s beliefs about the legal system. They are obviously aware that the law is inherently political. . . . The common complaint that members of Congress are corrupt, or are legislating for their own political benefit or for that of special interest groups demonstrates that citizens understand that the laws under which they live are a product of political forces rather than the embodiment of the ideal of justice.

This, however, in no way prevents people from simultaneously regarding the law as a body of definite, politically neutral rules amenable to an impartial application which all citizens have a moral obligation to obey. Thus, they seem both surprised and dismayed to learn that the Clean Air Act might have been written, not to produce the cleanest air possible, but to favor the economic interests of the miners of dirty-burning West Virginia coal (West Virginia coincidentally being the home of Robert Byrd, who was then chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee) over those of the miners of cleaner-burning western coal. (4)

And, when the Supreme Court hands down a controversial ruling on a subject such as abortion, civil rights, or capital punishment, then, like Louis in Casablanca, the public is shocked, shocked to find that the Court may have let political considerations influence its decision. The frequent condemnation of the judiciary for “undemocratic judicial activism” or “unprincipled social engineering” is merely a reflection of the public’s belief that the law consists of a set of definite and consistent “neutral principles” (5) which the judge is obligated to apply in an objective manner, free from the influence of his or her personal political and moral beliefs.

I believe that, much as Orwell suggested, it is the public’s ability to engage in this type of doublethink, to be aware that the law is inherently political in character and yet believe it to be an objective embodiment of justice, that accounts for the amazing degree to which the federal [**] government is able to exert its control over a supposedly free people.

I would argue that this ability to maintain the belief that the law is a body of consistent, politically neutral rules that can be objectively applied by judges in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, goes a long way toward explaining citizens’ acquiescence in the steady erosion of their fundamental freedoms. . . .

As a myth, however, the concept of the rule of law is both powerful and dangerous. Its power derives from its great emotive appeal. The rule of law suggests an absence of arbitrariness, an absence of the worst abuses of tyranny. The image presented by the slogan “America is a government of laws and not people” is one of fair and impartial rule rather than subjugation to human whim. This is an image that can command both the allegiance and affection of the citizenry. After all, who wouldn’t be in favor of the rule of law if the only alternative were arbitrary rule? But this image is also the source of the myth’s danger. For if citizens really believe that they are being governed by fair and impartial rules and that the only alternative is subjection to personal rule, they will be much more likely to support the state as it progressively curtails their freedom.

In this Article, I will argue that this is a false dichotomy. Specifically, I intend to establish three points: 1) there is no such thing as a government of law and not people, 2) the belief that there is serves to maintain public support for society’s power structure, and 3) the establishment of a truly free society requires the abandonment of the myth of the rule of law.

So he talks about how the public is used to (or has been conditioned to accept) double-think, and so, to accept abuses of their own freedom.

Now, let’s talk about the Profits: A portion of the Fitts discussion:  How Money Works:  The Destruction of Neighborhoods.  (six points).


How the Money Works: the Destruction of Neighbourhoods


The model works about the same in every country, although the particulars vary between domestic and international agencies and the military and enforcement bureaucracies. Some call it the securitisation process. Some call it corporatisation. Some call it privatisation. Some call it globalisation.

What this means in layman’s terms is that the management of resources is centralised.

This is done through a system of securitisation based on privilege and coercion rather than performance and the rule of law.

(the different spelling I assume is because it’s British, not American.  Catherine Fitts’ Hamilton Securities, from what I heard, was American.  It was eventually put out of business, and she had her time living as something of a fugitive (for safety reasons) after exposing too much over at FHA & HUD.  Now, she works from off-shore, through I guess.  What would you do, in the same situation?

Pause for My Commentary…

As this progress continues, the disparity of power and leverage is always AWAY from the neighborhoods, and honest (working) individuals.   Given that honest working individuals are feeding into a system which itself so full of fraud and racketeering, including centralized wealth, I have re-framed my own definition of “honest” individuals.  “honest” individuals don’t stand by while their neighbors are being beat up in the home and say, at this point, “the police will handle it,” or while they are struggling for food and say, “welfare will handle it,” or struggling in school, and saying “the professional educators will handle it.”  Or, a pastor is molesting someone, the church will handle it — or the government will prosecute the pastors (and where does this leave the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives in its promotion of marriage and fatherhood??)   All those groups HAVE been handling it, which is probably why these things continue to happen.

Socially and collectively speaking, it is self-destructive to continue cooperating with this parasitic practice.  What’s the price of a temporary, partial,  peace of mind (it’s not MY problem, I am not a criminal!) based on ignorance?  There are so many corollaries to believing this myth that end in two directions:  Slavery (working people to death) and if you want a nice analogy for it, remember the concentration camps (which were labor camps, right?) — AND genocide (those who weren’t fit for labor were eliminated, easing the “social burden” of sustaining them).

Right now deplorable things DO take place in both prisons and public institutions, and sometimes involves over-drugging of children in foster care or public institutions.  These locked-up children and disabled or incarcerated adults are also sometimes being raped.  Honorable men, and I’m sure women, who reported this, have been told to  shut up, and when they didn’t, were fired. The practice of abusing people, drugging them into silence (profits for the pharmaceutical companies) bribing politicians (kickbacks) to recommend this happen ESPECIALLY when the money available is through public welfare (Medicaid, Medicare),  does indeed take place.  (see “Allen Jones, TAF whistleblower of the year.” (By the way, “TAF” stands for “Taxpayers Against Fraud”  however cursor for quick abstract. This involves Risperdal, Johnson & Johnson, and Jannsen.  Here’s another article from 2007, and I’m blogging this (today, I hope) over at familycourtmatters.)

So, in truth, our accumulated centralized government wealth is being used in a two-pronged pharmaceutical assault on — us (the vulnerable, the traumatized, the young and the old) and through illegal drug-trafficking. Neighborhoods are attacked.

The human population dumb enough to believe that their own leaders actually believe in the rule of law, are considered a population to exploit.   As I see it, this is completely consistent with what we can now (but couldn’t, at the time) read about the colonization of entire continents (like, Africa, AND America), displacing the indigenous population, or re-educating them to the new (apartheid-style) state-sponsored school systems (i.e., allegiance to the state), and using them as a cheap source of labor — whether in or out of various institutions, like prisons.

We still have to acknowledge the US is the world’s largest per-capita jailor, and that the privatized prison industry is profitable coming, going, and inbetween.  Not for those incarcerated of course… Who are disproportionately of darker skin colors.  Then more government initiatives (combined with private wealth) to reduce the disparities.  People still working and feeding the state from their income are thus participating in mistreatment of larger and larger portions of the population — who they are also taught to fear, despise (as indigent, incompetent, or criminal), but yet also pay to institutionalize (drug), reform, and etc.

What I’m trying to say is, crediting others with a morality they don’t have, while discrediting some honest people who were caught by the same system with an IMmorality they don’t have, is itself immoral.  We are simply in the middle of an extended “Hegelian Dialectic.”

The so-called “morality” and ethics (hard-working “mind my own business, expect government to also mind its own”) mentality is feeding a monster which is sucking the blood (energies, wealth, and industry, creativity, etc.) out of anything but itself.   I see this mentality and passivity  as contagious, like a virus.   True, some of this comes from my personal experience (but that experience is more than a generation at this point in time) and I am documenting it here.

You cannot have HUGE national myths and freedom.  Freedom comes from the ability to face, and handle, difficult truths, including about one’s present, past, and one’s associations.   Some of the people who may be qualified to talk to others about this are those who have gone through the process of changing their associations in order to increase freedom.

And the truth of the matter is, security and lack of conflict isn’t everything.  Independence and self-sufficiency of the majority is worth a lot more.  Right now, we are indeed on a world (global) economic system based on colonizing others.  This requires force, exploitation, propaganda, and generally speaking, extortion.  It has to be slowed, and eventually STOPPED, or the “human” in “humanity” will be eradicated.

(Some details and documentation of the above claims have been moved to a separate post; I just want to remind us — if you, in particular, don’t feel like fighting back against being fleeced financially, and consider yourself upstanding and moral, ethical, all those good things — just remember what some of the money you got fleeced of, rather than fighting back (with others) against this — is likely being used for.  And I hope that doesn’t lead to a quiet night’s sleep, or purchasing a sedative in order to get such a quiet night’s sleep.)

(How to Destroy a Neighborhood, cont’d.)

From the viewpoint of the neighbourhood there are six ways to centralise local capital:

  • First, you consolidate all retail sales into a few large corporations, including franchise operations, cutting out local small business.
    • (from this same link, Ms. Fitts talks about her home county of Hardemann, TN — and Walmart.  I note that Walmart was on the top 10 owners of infrastructure in the world (Bentley 500).
    • Then they got into building Prisons (CCA).
  • Second, you outsource (“privatise”) all local government functions to a few large corporations or subject them to such an overwhelming amount of federal regulation that they can be controlled and managed for the benefit of a few large corporations and their investors.
  • Third, you buy up all the land and real estate, or encumber them with mortgages in a way that is as profitable as possible and allows you to get control when you want it.
  • Fourth, you finance the entire process with the profits from narcotics and organised crime that you market into the neighbourhood. This enables you to finance your expansion in a manner that lowers your cost of capital in a way that conveniently lowers the initial price of your investment and/or weakens your competition. I buy your business and land with your money at a fraction of the cost. No one sells her home faster and cheaper than a mother trying to make bail or pay a lawyer to save her family from jail or death. That is why narcotics trafficking is the ultimate form of neighbourhood leveraged buyout.
  • Fifth, you leverage all of this with tax shelters, private tax-exempt bonds, municipal bonds, government guarantees, and government subsidies — all protected with complex securities arrangements.
  • Sixth, you ensure that the only companies and mutual funds allowed meaningful access to capital are those run by syndicate-approved management teams. To raise significant campaign funds candidates for political office appoint syndicate-approved management teams. Investment syndicates define the boundaries of managed competition that cycle all capital back through their pipelines. That means the only local boys who can make good are those who play ball with the syndicate.

In this way the private equity in a community can be extracted at a near infinite rate of return to investors and a highly negative rate of return to taxpayers.

When a person begins to grasp to what extent we’ve been lied to, duped, and — the word is — “USED” as a human resource of sheep, one loses one’s desire to show up for further shearing.  Moreover, as I am looking again (at the other blog) at the backgrounds of how Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands (among others) colonized Africa — let’s say particularly in the 1800s — this very very much shows us the mentality and practices of our US government.  We’ve been led to believe it’s so different — after all, the USA got independence from Great Britain, it abolished slavery, and created a world power to rival none.   On what economic, physical labor, and technology base, was all this wealth  created?

The decades and centuries are marching on.  Power has been accumulated and centralized (education dumbed down), and privatized.  Citizens are still being taxed; the dollar is worth less, but still required as legal tender for debt within the US (not that our own governmental investment funds are anything close to restricted to the dollar), and gas is HOW much per gallon?  Let’s take a look at how this happened, and  a look at potentially how to stop it.

Note:  this is the entire page, except I took out a graphic of the bomb which wasn’t that clear, from the top.

As he talks about centralized power base wealth, keep in mind that a lot of this is going to pharmaceutical companies that are using it to over-drug (atypical antipsychotics) kids in foster care, elderly, you name it — in the public health system.  Some of them are dying.  Then there are whistleblower lawsuits (thank God, at least someone did blow the whistle).  But just think about WHAT is being done with the excess wealth? (See also “The Franklin Coverup and remember that children are involved).  Future generations of CHILDREN, including children that are alive now as minors, deserve smarter adults — this is your chance to become one, and stay that way.  This situation has been neglected and covered up (who controls mainstream media, education (from low to high), and the courts?)

Are You Ready for a Real Change?
by Walter Burien –

Here is the 200 Megaton Nuclear Bomb put into the hands of the “intelligent” American Taxpayer.

Want to see how wealthy your local government really is and break through the “selective presentation” game?

Government has built their internal empires by and through selective presentation and utilizing taxpayer revenue systematically separated from the general purpose operating budgets to build power-bases of standing wealth outside of the “general purpose” operating funds.

The general purpose accounting is primarily where tax revenues are brought in and allocated for “general purpose” services government provides.

The investment fund financial power bases both domestic and international and government enterprise operations that have been built up over the decades though have been segregated outside of the general purpose operating funds.

When carefully looking at a the gross income of a local government’s general purpose operating budget (primarily tax revenue) and comparing it to the same large local government’s Annual Financial Report known as the CAFR (all revenue income from all sources derived from investment, enterprise, and taxation) tax income is usually about 1/3rd of the gross income.

A large local government can be crying “Budget Shortfall’ under their selectively presented general purpose operating budget but upon review of the financial wealth power based funds held and “other” income, the same local government upon total and comprehensive review can be clearly in the black by millions if not billions of dollars.

There is nothing complicated here. If an individual or a government has established significant fund balances developed over decades, those funds balances are power-bases by investment that makes or breaks many individual fortunes by where those funds are invested.

If an individual or a local government thinks they can tag someone else to pay for shortfalls in other areas without tapping into their power-bases of funds under domestic and international investment management they will do so. As is the case for local governments they have been doing so very effectively with ever increasing taxes and debt issues tagging the taxpayer for several decades now.  (Like giving a 13-year-old kid Carte blanche to write his own allowance check the parents get screwed every-single-time. Here we have attorneys elected to every level of government writing the check – Danger Will Robinson, Danger!)


So, do you want to see how Wealthy your government really is and watch how quickly all of these promoted budget shortfalls disappear? 

Ever notice how a local government promotes a new project to be funded by taxpayer debt and the population turns it down cold but then that local government finds the money “somewhere” and the project proceeds?

Here is what solves that selective presentation predicament for always trying to tap the public first:

Immediately make it law in your local government (City; County; State; School District; State University) that;

1. All investment funds domestic and International held or managed by that government or managed for the benefit of that government (enterprise operations and strictly participatory pensions included), of any type or designation must contribute quarterly 35% of their “gross” investment yield (NOT NET) into the general purpose operating funds.

2. All enterprise operations overseen by that local government or any quasi-government operation type overseen by that local government shall contribute quarterly 35% of their “gross” (NOT NET) revenue generated / collected into the general purpose operating funds.

3. Growth of any local government as determined proportionally by all operations directly or overseen by the local government (operating cost; salaries; employee benefits) shall be limited to not exceed 4.5% growth a year. A local government that has exceeded this limitation for the previous five years shall be limited to a 1.5% annual growth rate for at least five years forward.

4. Surpluses present within the local government’s General Purpose operating funds that exceed 25% over the preceding year’s projected operating budget shall be returned, with the payments tax exempted, annually to the resident taxpayers of that local government proportionally paid to each based on taxation collected from those same residents “and” businesses living and operating in that local government venue utilizing a five-year average of previous taxation collected from the same.


NOTE: If you take the time to look you will see that the same local governments that were crying bankruptcy between the years 2008 and 2011 increase their scope and size by 25% to 35% and if they had been restricted to a 4.5% growth rate most would have had budget surplus come 2011. Additionally, if you take the time to look you will see from the years 1990 to 2012, most local governments increased their scope and size by over 500% (the 300lb tick on the 100lb dog)

5. Any party; association; consultant; manager; elected or appointed government official who intentionally circumvents or attempts to circumvent policy and procedures as specified here will be subject to a 1st degree felony of: Theft by Taking, and will be investigated; indicted; prosecuted; and convicted without limitation for the same.

And as always: Keep it Simple! Do not allow your local representatives to stall and play around with the wording above by expansion or limitations. (they will diligently try using any tactic to do so). Foxes do not like clear and imminent accountability for eating chickens from the ranchers coop.

The above is applicable for every local government venue, City; County; State; School District; County Community College; and State University.

I NOTE: If State universities were held into compliance with the same, student’s tuition’s would go down to nil and in fact if made retroactive for the last three years the students would get substantial rebates refunded on tuition’s previously paid. (These State Universities one and all have massive trust and endowment funds kept separate from their general purpose operating funds)

Please post; distribute; publish; twitter; circulate this communication so it is seen in the short run by the majority of the people in those 136,000+  local government operations that are operating in the United States of America.

A good name for the Law enacted in you local venues for the above could be: The Public Accountability and  Equity Sharing tax relief – bill /statute/ law.

Sent FYI and for your action from,
Walter Burien –
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) providing the revenue source to pay every City, County, State’s general purpose annual budgetary needs!
To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts –
——-FOOTER NOTE—— {{just the review on budgets versus “Annual Financial Reports.”}}

Per understanding CAFRs, people have been intentionally kept in the dark so long they forget the basics:

1. A “Budget Report” is a selective funding of x accounts from x resources (set up to be primarily funded with taxation and done so “for the year”)

2. An “Annual Financial Report” is the showing of “all” income: Investment; taxation; and Enterprise, plus the “accumulated wealth over decades. Budgets are for the year, an AFR is for it all since creation of the entity.

There is a big difference between the two. A correct analogy would be: The budget to operate your house vs. your statement of net worth.

The public has been played with the biggest shell game of selective presentation there is allowing for massive fortunes to be made by the inside players over the last several decades..

Every investment fund large and small is a power base.

Where that money is invested determines what company; real-estate venture, etc., is made or broken. Thus in line with that, never a mention of the 184,000 AFRs of the corresponding local governments..nor the many thousands of specialty investment funds they contain. I note gov pension funds facilitate the same. Paying employee benefits from the return on the funds is an after thought for the government players.

The head communists back in the 30’s and 40’s said they could take over America without firming a shot. The undercurrents of that statement were that they could depend on the greed and opportunity of the players to accomplish that goal and it did. US Collective government since 2000 brings in more gross income than the entire gross income of the population of the United States.

Taxation is rammed down the public’s throat (1/3rd of the gross income) and Investment / Enterprise income (2/3rd of the gross income) the “silence is golden” rule is strictly enforced with the full symbiotic cooperation of the syndicated media; controlled education; and both political parties as applies over the last century.

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…..Go back to Let’s Get Honest (family court matters) and I’ll have a post up on what some of this extra Medicaid, Medicare, etc. wealth is doing to vulnerable populations, and what happened to honest government employees who tried to stop it.

Note:  Pharmaceuticals were involved.

The Courts are set up to collect for their owners, and turning the emphasis into mental behavioral health facilitates the over-drugging of kids, juveniles, incarcerated peoples, and adults.  They may die eventually, but in the meantime, some pharmaceutical got some profits, so who cares?

If we care, we have to find a different way.  This includes understanding how money works, and quit subscribing to myths about what a nice government we have and what great services it is providing.  The services are a byproduct any more, and not the primary reason for its functions.

Quit giving it up so easy — fight back, smart!

Review this one, too:


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