Sounds Good To Me: Tax Retirement Funds for “We The People,” not Gov’t Syndicates

How about this?

“We, the people, organize to hire qualified people to Audit then Consolidate our respective local corporations’ governments’ general operating AND Fiduciary/Investment AND Enterprise Authority Funds — and become their direct beneficiaries.  Thereafter, future profits are limited to a smaller % of operating expenses (see “Are you ready for real change?” by same author), and in short, the balance of power is redistributed.”

That’s my phrasing.  But below (light-blue backgrounds) is an actual 2008 draft proposal to make the public the primary beneficiary of the accumulated (government) assets obtained from them start with anyhow, and being instead of used for “we the people’s” benefit is being used to wage wars  on other countries (and us) and in general further consolidate power from this investment platform.

Tax Retirement Fund Association – TRFA



TRFA Prospectus Audit template

1. We the People of [       ] for [       ] hereinafter the venue, wish and by exerting imposed rule; require that an independent audit and statistical review of our venue be conducted forthwith exclusively by the Tax Retirement Fund Association hereinafter the TRFA.

The purpose of the audit and statistical review conducted by the TRFA will be for the preparation by the TRFA of a prospectus for the implementation of the Tax Retirement Fund principle of operation for our venue that will outline recommendations for local government agency, enterprise operation, and investment fund consolidation with comprehensive operational guidelines having the intent for scheduled measures necessary for the total elimination of all taxation requirements collected for and from our venue.

{{NOTE:  The remainder of this draft template, and contact link for its author, near bottom of my page here..}}

And here’s an 8- minute youtube of Mr. Burien for Lawless America (note:  I’m not particularly — in fact, at all — behind the “Lawless America” movement that’s making the rounds these day, just accessing this particular video).


This may be a little difficult if the primary armaments and force are all in one side of the equation’s hands; at which point even work boycotts until the INTELLIGENTLY INFORMED PUBLIC’S voices are actually heard — will be rather hard to pull off.

When the interests controlling the media are themselves a corporate/government enterprise, this gets tricky.  But maybe it’s still a good idea:


Right now, the media is talking about an suburban Connecticut Elementary School Massacre by a “lone gunman” a 20 year old young man, his single mother and her appreciation of weaponry, and if possible push BOTH more gun control AND more mental health screening.


I personally believe this is a nationwide “Idiocy” quiz to see whether we are ready for COMPLETE capitulation to mental health archipelago, elimination of non-public school education (Adam Lanza was homeschooled for while by his mother?), of course eliminating ALL single-mother sole physical custody (regardless of the cause of separation (i.e., “promoting responsible fatherhood” reigns supreme), and of course — disarming the public, with their own consent.

Perhaps on the other blog, I’m going to pose a few questions — and see if anyone else has looked at alternate interpretations of the event, and why there are not more details of the former circumstances of the divorce; whose accounts besides the police and the news, do we have (are we being given) of these events, i.e., official (not just hearsay) or actual eyewitnesses who literally saw Adam himself in combat gear doing the shooting?  How about what happened at their home?

Has anyone checked the divorce situation for potential child abuse by anyone?   Who is monitoring speculation versus assertions?

Seriously — this event and its reporting is indeed a nationwide an idiocy quiz.  No question it’s a tragedy, but try to keep that in mind, OK? — Keep your head screwed on straight and don’t be manipulated by media asking and posting all the questions.  What questions are they NOT asking?  What’s the direction it’s being steered in (i.e., “how could we predict” -= more mental health screening, right?  And possibly drugging.  Was he on any antipsychotics, etc.?).

I have another question:  They divorced only a few years ago.  Adam was only a minor for HOW long then?  So why should his entire mental state be laid at the hands of “single mother”?   Moreover (look at the family support) — this is hardly a typical divorce case!  Most people don’t have that type of wealth flying around….



In case you have some doubts still about who “the media” is and is not, check out a December 2011 ruling by an Oregon judge on an “investigative blogger” who thought as a journalist she had some immunity about her sources.  She is dealing with a $2.5 million lawsuit by “Obsidian Finance Group.”  As an individual, I’m pretty sure she’ll be hard put to defend.  But notice their definition of “Journalism”:

Oregon Court Rules Blogging Isn’t Journalism

By Dec. 07, 2011Add a Comment

Judge Marco Hernandez has ruled against Chrystal Cox, [sic] who describes herself as an “Investigative Blogger Exposing Corruption,” in a defamation case brought by the Obsidian Finance Group.

Citing a confidential source as the starting point for the claims she had made, Cox believed that she was protected by Oregon’s Shield Law, which allows for journalists’ anonymous sources to keep their anonymity. Judge Hernandez, however, disagreed….

Hernandez ruled that the Shield Law is limited to traditional media (broadcast news, newspapers and magazines), adding that Cox has failed to show that she has any evidence of an education in journalism or “any credential of proof of any affliliation with a recognized news entity.” As a result, she now faces a potential $2.5 million judgment and, unsurprisingly, plans to appeal.

Let’s look at this:  If you’re not educated as a journalist and tied into the MSM (which take HOW much money to operate, and are owned by how few corporations any more?) — you can be sued and have lesser journalistic privileges, regardless of accuracy of product or how it was put together.

No wonder the philanthropic foundations that had a major interest in controlling the teaching of history, also saw fit to control such things as media and education in general. (cf. Rhodes, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim, Ford, etc. — speaking generally, that is, of the influence of foundations on politics).

This is the second ruling in recent months that complicates the issue of digital journalism and anonymity; in June, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that online discussion forum postings by journalists are similarly not covered by that state’s Shield Law. The solution is clear: Don’t say anything online that you’re not willing to defend in court… but if you have a chance to attribute statements blindly in print or television, go crazy.

MORE:AOL and the Huffington Post’s New Unpaid Blogging Army? Underage Kids

Graeme McMillan is a reporter at TIME.Read more:

Crystal Cox, or at least the blog, seems quite the character, but she does seem to investigate, including the above judge’s appointment by Pres. Obama”  She apparently was reporting on a $40 million bankruptcy deals, and real estate,  (etc.) and claims the lawsuit against her was retaliation for reporting on some of this (at first reading):

Judge Marco Hernandez – Expose Judge Marco Hernandez. Judge Marco Hernandez aided and abetted the covering up of a $40 Million Dollar Oregon Bankruptcy in order to Protect Oregons Top Law Firms, Judges, Utility Companies and Department of Justice Employees.

(I see it’s also “crystal clear” that she knows about SEO terms and keywords, unapologetically.

Judge Marco Hernandez Clearly and Deliberately Violated the Constitutional and Lawful Rights of Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox in Order to Protect Judge Michael H. Simon, PacifiCorp, Portland General Electric, Bonneville Power, Perkins Coie Law Firm, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Miller Nash Law Firm, Judge Randall Dunn, DOJ Trustee Pamela Griffith and the many others involved in the Culture of Corruption Portland Oregon.

Crystal Cox writing on an “amoeba fighting a giant” bankruptcy trustee trying to persuade a judge that a certain corporation, “eToys” really wasn’t bankrupt (see “offshore assets”) — and having got off with declaring bankruptcy, it then was sold for nothing to — guess who, Bain Capital, see “almost” 2012 POTUS, Willard (Mitt) Romey.   The blogspot (she’s so “reserved”) name is “” — but look at the content.  Thinks it might be good for us to know about.



(and who owns it — when the TV shows were on, do you read “this program is sponsored in part by” foundation names? Do you think to ask why the head of the American Psychological Association (already making a financial killing through the family court system) should be interviewed, as an expert reference, for a LONG time, and not the bereaved parents, or any actual witnesses of the crime?  Diane Feinstein (one of the wealthiest Congresspeople around, at one time was in the top 10) was talking about Assault weapons ban.  Another person talked about how a study had been done by The Urban Institute on the prior assault weapons ban, and no decrease in homicide was shown (etc.).

NO ONE talked, that I recall from that interview, about what might’ve happened should a single school employee, including either a parent, OR a teacher, happen to have possessed a viable gun that could’ve shot the shooter?

NO ONE talked about whether or not this event actually played out as it is being reported.  I have already heard several discrepancies (i.e., the principal (now dead) buzzed him in.  He shot out a window and got in — well, it wasn’t both, which one was true?)

NO ONE is talking about how it’s probably unwise to make major political or legal decisions on the basis of a dramatic incident before all the crime scene evidence has been processed, let alone while everyone has been whipped up into a state of shock (not that such shock isn’t appropriate, but — that’ snot a good condition to make major decisions in!)…

NO ONE that I saw was even bringing up the concept of “Leadership by National Crisis,” as if we’d not learned anything in the past 100 years, and no one YET understands the Hegelian dialectice:  UNFREEZE (or, when incidents are radical enough and spun right, “UNHINGE”) — CHANGE — REFREEZE.  No one brought up, for example, “Naomi Klein” (The Shock Doctrine), it’s as though we’ve (at least in the media) gone deaf, dumb, blind, and have amnesia, putting us into a malleable mood for strong leadership.  Reminds me of Hitler.   When in distress and confusion, masses of people look to “strong central leadership,” i.e., great time for fascism (or communism, same basic diff….).

(and “of course” Osama bin Laden was also responsible for the simultaneous explosions that demolished the World Trade Towers, costing HOW many lives?, and jumpstarting Homeland Security and Further loss of Civil Rights for Americans… “obviously” a better system than retrofitting to remove that asbestos, and after all, it had a liability plan to cover the expenses — why not hit several birds with this one stone; the USA under GWB gets to invade Iraq, too……) (see my last post, or “The Dog and Pony Show” posts, or “”

MEANWHILE,  I have already showed from a 2011 USGAO Audit that the US GAO can’t (won’t?) audit itself either.

Under ‘cannot issue an opinion,” came the 24 CFOs (Chief Financial Officers of primary Federal Agencies:  DOJ, DOE, DHS, HHS, HUD, DOL — you name it).  It also can’t issue an opinion on the “Change of Balance in Statements of Social Insurance,” in fact, We the People are going to get “stuck” with the alleged $trillion “public debt” from the largest owner of the world’s infrastructure, the USA (that’s not even including individual states — because certain major states – and even cities — also make the list as owning huge amounts of infrastructure without SOME change of attitude and behavior.

That change of attitude and behavior (versus being primed, prepped, propagandized, and pruned) is long overdue.   If you have a better idea, I would definitely like to hear about it.  Because this one is heading straight back towards what we saw happen in the Scramble for Africa (seeing as it’s the same type of folks involved in running the place) — and that DEFINITELY ain’t good. At least for those being “run.”

While I have some questions about the venue residency issue (i.e., we’re still a mobile society, what about children being born into the neighborhood, etc.; how would this be achieved without something literally similar to a social security identifier only for a local venue; there are things to be worked out.  Or, for example, how in the world are you going to convince the religious among us to forfeit their local group’s 501(c)3 status and emotional/psychological allegiance to the Vatican City — or some other religious Mecca, etc. (including Jerusalem….) ).

But —- have you got a better idea than to actually — venue by venue (that means I guess political? government district by government district? whether City, County, etc.) —  for God’s sake!!!, pay an OUTSIDE firm {(not their chosen cronies) (from those assets, not our pockets!)} 1/4 of 1% to audit our own chartered corporation calling itself “government” as best we can and quit this insane “hiding” investment funds, special funds, enterprise authorities, debt service funds (can I say, “Child Trust Funds” which can be used to promote more and more services for children, while we all are starting to become aware of what happens to children in the service pipeline).

The other alternative seems to be do nothing (intelligent), or expatriate, although I’m pretty sure similar behavior is going on in many countries.  Although the US does seem to be one of the most aggressive….

Yes, there’s some (not enough) growing awareness of the “CAFR scam,” but let’s talk about strategic action.  Guess who is usally 15 steps ahead of the game (i.e., the criminal racketeering outfit we like to still refer to as “government,” when in fact it’s a lot closer to an abusive, lawless, corporation, playing Good Cop, Bad Cop with the public’s psyches.)….

That game is easy to play,  given that most of the public has come up through the ranks in a Government Enterprise Authority (here or there) called “School District.”  Thanks to something regarding this wonderful habit of assembling classrooms of innocent children, more than any single family would ever consist of, even a large family — managed by one or two unarmed, often female, teachers who have been teaching our children one important habit for school attendance — master the art of the LOCKDOWN, how to hide under desks and pray to God (not that prayer in school is really accepted) you, little boy or girl, do not get riddled with bullets by someone who was bullied, abused, or medicated in an earlier generation of schools, as happened in Newtown Connecticut, last Friday (20 children died, plus adults)….

Apologies (?) to Walter Burien that almost every time I post some of his writing, I bring up this other material about how truly abusive and violent a society we have.  Perhaps it would be less violent if there weren’t such a pervasive system of dishonesty running the place with an agenda of complete one-world government, and allocation of human resources wherever the rulers see fit — brainpower, skilled technical workers, slave physical labor, concentration camp, the equivalent of gas chambers, or being used to test out a new generation of pharmaceuticals. ** (for “**”see near bottom of this page)

Tax Retirement Fund Association – TRFA



TRFA Prospectus Audit template

1. We the People of [           ] for [             ] hereinafter the venue, wish and by exerting imposed rule require that an independent audit and statistical review of our venue be conducted forthwith exclusively by the Tax Retirement Fund Association hereinafter the TRFA.

The purpose of the audit and statistical review conducted by the TRFA will be for the preparation by the TRFA of a prospectus for the implementation of the Tax Retirement Fund principle of operation for our venue that will outline recommendations for local government agency, enterprise operation, and investment fund consolidation with comprehensive operational guidelines having the intent for scheduled measures necessary for the total elimination of all taxation requirements collected for and from our venue.

Upon completion and then presentation of the audit, statistical review, and prospectus presentation by the TRFA to the people of this venue a ballot vote by “We the People” will be conducted through and by a “hand paper count” within [       ] days from the presentation of the prospectus by the TRFA to the people of this venue for the approval or declining of the prospectus presented by the TRFA.

If the prospectus presented is passed by majority vote of “We the People” then timely implementation of the operating principles and guidelines of the prospectus shall be enacted into working order by our venue’s administration within 120 days of passage by majority vote of the people.

2. We the People require the full cooperation of the venue administration, State, and US Attorney Generals office to be made available to the TRFA in facilitating requirements for discovery, audit, statistical review, and prospectus preparation requirements if requested by the TRFA.

3. By authority and mandate of “We the People” exercising full application of law, hereby assert and require that any individual, group, or government body that it is shown intentionally or with intent covertly impedes, delays, or falsifies information given to the TRFA adversely affecting the timeliness of: Voting schedules; conducting of the audit; or preparation of the TRFA Audit Prospectus; subsequent vote by the people on the Prospectus; and then if passed by public vote, the implementation of the TRF program for application in this venue shall be a first degree felony by standing law as outlined here [ STATE AND FEDERAL LAW (not statute) AS APPLIES ] punishable by fines of [       ] and or prison sentencing of no more than [       ] years.

4. Approval by “We the People” of this venture in this venue will authorize and require payment of 1/4 of 1% of this venue’s general purpose and enterprise operating budget funds to be paid the TRFA, and that payment will be made within twenty days of passage by public vote. This payment shall be dedicated to the TRFA, and paid timely to and at the direction of the TRFA to be use by the TRFA at its discretion for the assignment of the teams of auditors, actuaries, legal, office staff, and general operating funds necessary for the TRFA to get the comprehensive audit, statistical review, prospectus preparation, and delivery of the prospectus for further vote by the people completed in this venue.

Majority vote establishing the will and mandate of “We the People” of this venue is and shall be superlative to standing statute affecting this venue, and approval vote by “We the People” shall have the full force of law standing or necessary for enactment to fulfill the people’s will and mandate in this undertaking by the TRFA.


It is noted that the basic simplicity and nature of these aspects brought forward shall not be diluted or expanded upon in complexity that limits the true scope of application intended.

If you would like to be on the National E-Mail list of please CLICK HERE and select the mail list of You will be added to the email list and receive periodical updates on the national tax retirement project.

[# Note: I added some bolding or underline emphases; see original for a more pristine version/C,H.F$ blogger]

One reason I don’t have too much problem with having “TRFA” (I gather Mr. Burien’s 501(c)3 association) do this is — there’s pretty well a vacuum of people who were reporting it before he started, this seems to be car. 1989, and starting in NJ (see his bio from    I think someone honest enough to keep reporting this year after year might just be honest enough to organize a team of others who could conduct the audits.  The primary idea is the public gets a handle on the situation — which we absolutely do NOT have now.

One reason (I have to bring this up) is “compulsory education law,” in other words (I can no document this, contact me by comments for more information or links); you should start to acknowledge that this system was based in a militaristic, “serve the state” institution from, basically, Prussia; that its purpose is NOT enlightenment, but indoctrination, and raising up a subservient population who are easier to manipulate.  I also (based on personal experiences, up through current) firmly believe that this system, contrary to being a remedy for gangs (not that they don’t exist separately from the schools also) is a generator of a lifelong habit of bullying, labeling one’s peers, group-values, group-identification and in general, making sure we are adjusted to the concept of being treated like a number, or a piece of fruit, and believe the external and arbitrary labels  assigned to us — and not our internal or intrinsic sense of self worth.    Because this has become such a monopoly (AND political force, contributing generally speaking to Democrat candidates — yes, I looked, at least for 2008 thereabouts) — anyone who is not subscribing to the monopolist state school system is viewed suspiciously as a cult, fringe group, probably not patriotic, and a religious pervert.

I encourage people to look at the recent Newton shooting (press reports) and notice how the attempt to frame the dead mother and her dead son in part according to the homeschooling label IS in there.  Therefore, if a group is homeschooling — they should be suspected; they might be razing crazed psychopathic youngsters about to turn mass murderer.

I do know some religious groups who homeschool for possibly the wrong reasons.  On the other hand, let’s counter this with kids being molested by their teachers in public school districts and later coverups.  Let’s also weigh in the “dumbing them down” factors.   Can not anyone even IMAGINE a countryside in which neither the big corporate interests nor the big government (which is corporate anyhow) interests, are educating so-called “our” children (I am offended every time I hear a politician or President state this, or a President’s wife OR (Secretary of State) actually educate our kids, and we are not a caste-based nation — but instead actual families do, and because this is not relegated to a religious or extreme fringe element — there is far more networking, more resources available for the parents themselves to coordinate and manage?

Homeschoolers are doing great in many categories across the board already (and I have to note here that there are both “charter” schools which receive public fundings, and then people who somehow manage to avoid taking public funds, still pay their taxes to educate someone else’s kids (and provide a HUGE job base for teachers, and their retirement funds) — and get the job done superbly, raising intelligent, competent (if not extra bright), and CONFIDENT individual children.

It is the confident and independent spirit in children that is a serious problem, given how government is organized presently.   Such children tend to sometimes be more active, sometimes daydream (through — face it — boredom) in class, and often challenge their teachers, in part by being smarter than some teachers on particular subjects, not to mention the extra energy of youth.

That — and to also keep the bright ones IN the ranks to make the school system overall look like it’s doing a better job than it really is — add up to reasons why the powers that be want us to consider ALL  children “our” children.  However, there is no “our” when some people are completely living of public paychecks, after having become a Congressperson or other official through political background deep family pockets through capital, wealth assets (look at Clinton, Obama, Romney, etc. — Bushes, California’s former Governor Schwarzenneger, etc.) — We just seriously have to “get real” about the language and at least internally know what it is — propaganda — when it is propaganda.


Reference was from this para., just over the blue-background table showing the TRF template.  I quipped:

“Perhaps it would be less violent if there weren’t such a pervasive system of dishonesty running the place with an agenda of complete one-world government, and allocation of human resources wherever the rulers see fit — brainpower, skilled technical workers, slave physical labor, concentration camp, the equivalent of gas chambers, or being used to test out a new generation of pharmaceuticals. ** (for “**”see near bottom of this page)”


**and/or relieve the sexual urges of whoever is managing their housing and care, as happens to too many children.  Don’t look at me like I’m nuts — I’m just remembering Cecil Rhodes (for the British empire), von Trotha, E. Fischer et al. (predecessors of the Nazis) (for the German empire) and their behaviors regarding African populations of Herero, Namaqua, and Witbooi (We’re talking the scramble for Africa, and how the model was developed for World War II extermination / labor techniques, not to mention eugenicists AND a dual-school system involving apartheid (one for us, another for them) to maintain the caste system.  THIS, FYI, is what empires do.

(references from the familycourtmatters blog.  Some probably on here, too).

If you don’t like it, then take back the accumulated wealth and investment platform — because there can be little question about it– the CAFRs show us clearly that this investment platform can make or break corporations, or countries.  Not to mention, how much of it is done in private, and how much of it is laundered.

Better to break it up among individual people (and families) and let them learn how to manage and invest their OWN funds, quit being overtaxed, and vote with THEIR wisdom, individually, who to invest in, and who NOT to invest in.  Imagine how this would elevate the economic, math, and language literacy of an entire country — if people were trusted and held responsible to manage their own money.

Then they would be also better qualified to (many) also educate their own children, probably resulting in using less “child-bait” for psychopaths (or political agenda, such as more gun control), less remedial classes at the undergraduate college level, and we might even have a shot at a university system which actually endorses values formerly referenced in the United States Constitution — or at least Declaration of Independence.

The current system (pause to contemplate an image of the United States, continental, Alaska, and Hawaii — and within it, counties.  Now, picture the various Unified School Districts (crossing municipal borders etc.) AND their retirement funds.

Does it REALLY make sense to have the biggest wealth on the planet paying the salaries of the entire state’s teachers?  What is the ONE thing they are unlikely to teach their kids about???  How the wealth is accumulated, and how to locate it.

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